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Why We Should Be Thanking Creatives? #ThankU4Creating

#ThankU4Creating - The 30 day Grattitude Challenge

When was the last time you contacted a creative and wrote a heartfelt message of thanks? And I don’t mean saying “thanks” or pressing like, retweeting or reposting. I mean writing down what their post, video article or ongoing inspiration meant to you? Telling them with gratitude and honesty #ThankU4Creating? I’m not accusing you, it’s merely a question. We consume voraciously and expect creators to consistently publish new content to feed our demand desires. Do we ever slow down for

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Quit Drinking Coffee & Get The Life Of Your Dreams ?

Seniman Decaf Coffee

Sounds a bit ridiculous and probably rather farfetched, doesn’t it? Quit drinking coffee and we can have the life of our dreams? But I assure you that by quitting something that has a major (negative) effect, it can almost certainly contribute to our immediate happiness, as well as our propensity for creating or transforming ourselves into a newer, better us, long-term. I’ve just spent the last month not drinking coffee. I did another self-imposed 30-day challenge, with the intention of breaking

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How To Create A DIY Writing Retreat

Image of a Write, Sketch & notebook & Fragipani flowers from my DIY Writing Retreat in Junjungan Guesthouse, Bali

I’ve just finished a 2-month solo DIY writing retreat in Bali. It’s part of a self-created and directed creative sabbatical that I’m doing this year. Many people use a sabbatical or a break from work to go travelling around the world, but I knew personally that is not what I wanted to do. I wanted to use the time to learn how to be more creative, pick up new skills and challenge myself. I know that I could not do

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Want to get the life of your dreams ? Quit Drinking Alcohol !


Since May 1st, 2018 I have not touched a drop of alcohol, so that’s over 2 months since I quit drinking.  For some of you that’s an incredibly short period, for others, it sounds ridiculously long. It’s not the longest time I’ve quit drinking alcohol for, but it’s certainly the most impactful. The funny thing is that I could give up both alcohol and smoking on the same day and I quite honestly have not thought about them in terms

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How Lizzy Created Her Professional Voice-Over Career From Scratch

Lizzy Roxburgh Voice Over Artist

Today I’m talking to Lizzy Roxburgh ( Roxy)  who currently lives in Bali and is a nomadic voice-over artist. She’s held a myriad of jobs from a kindergarten teacher, to bar work and now professional nomadic voice-over artist. We talk a lot about how she started, how she travels and does her work and what a voiceover artist actually does.  Also, she generously shares a lot of information and top tips, which will be super useful,  if you are considering entering

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Is fear accelerated by denial of self-love?

Don't let fear dim your light !

I meditate a lot, and now I’m on a creative sabbatical with a lot more time on my hands I can meditate a lot more. Sometimes I do hours and hours a day. Meditation really helps calm down my anxious mind, but it almost always gives me loads of ideas and solutions to problems.  I’m an ideas person anyway, but mediation just brings this to another level for me. This morning’s felt like an epiphany to me or a kind

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How to Create the Life of Your Dreams. Get off Social Media !

writing is so much more special in a beautiful book. From Write Sketch &.

I’ve just spent the last month off social media. I did a self-imposed 30-day social media detox challenge.  No LinkedIn (of which I was a prolific user), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… I stopped them from one day to the next. I told everyone that I needed quiet time to think and create and I would be back, at some point, no big deal. I was hoping to free up time to write more. You and I both know that a sneaky

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How to Conquer your Fear of Video by Using a 360 Camera

How I conquered my fear of video through using 360 video

I don’t need to tell you, but video is the next big thing. In fact, it’s not even next, it is the thing now!  That fear you have about making video is only going to build and get more difficult for you as almost all the social media channels have added in video options. Even more frightening is the live video, right?  Never mind the Stories options in anything from Instagram to even Skype and What’s App. It’s not going away.

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Immerse Yourself in the Mystical Energy of Kecak

The Balinese Dancers from the Kecak Fire Dance Show in Junjungan Temple, near Ubud, Bali

Are you the kind of tourist that has to say in the main town and see things alongside the masses? Squeezing yourself in with hundreds of others in the main temple in Ubud or Uluwatu to watch the Kecak fire dance. Jostling with your neighbours and their flashing cameras and phones to get a good picture? Or are you an explorer and a culture seeker, that likes to get away from the crowds and take the chance of discovering a

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Ultimate Guide to Resturants in Junjungan Ubud for Solo Females

Image of the breakfast at the Madani Antique Villas, Junjungan, Bali

This is an ongoing and ever-expanding guide to the restaurants in Junjungan and close by, created for solo women travelling around Bali.  Jungjungan is a small town, just a few kilometres north of Ubud, Bali.  I’ve been staying in Junjungan for almost 2 months on my DIY writing and creative sabbatical and I  absolutely love it, so I decided to share my top tips, plus the hidden and not so hidden foodie secrets so you consider it as part of

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