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The Embodiment of the Red Wound

The embodiment of the Red Wound

Wounds cut so deep An open gash An open heart An open pain   Is this the coming together of self? The truth that is birthing through the red tunnel of pain? Maybe the delivery should be aborted? It’s not going smoothly   It’s red alert the doctor says Emergency, help There is no cure for your wound It can’t even be sewn up   Give it the breath of fresh air he says Allow the blood to flow There’s

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James and the Rebel Typewriter

James and the Rebel Typewriter - Corona Vintage Typewriter Red

James is trying as hard as he possibly can to get the keys to fit in the corona typewriter he’s building up. Every time he tries to fit the keys in the way his Dad showed him, they just won’t fit.  The QUERTY keys are all knocking together too tightly and somehow nothing looks quite right, but he can’t put his finger on what it is. He’s now frustrated, undeniably angry and really fed up. It’s only been a week

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The Blue Triangle of Hope

The Blue Triangle of Hope

  She meditates within the dark triangle Blackness surrounding her She wants the light, yet she sees only black Black with, just maybe a hint of blue Tomorrow she hopes it will get lighter A blue sky will seep in An entrancing daring teal A blue with power Blue skies are all she’s hoping for Blue skies at dawn and blue skies at night She knows she will get there It’s on its way Belief she thinks, it’s probably the

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The Attempted Assasination of Eye

Amaya - Annelie Solis

You are sat on the dusty floor, mentally trying to prepare yourself for the events of this evening’s New Moon circle. This is your first chance to lead the sacred circle. Your elders have taken a journey, so you alone have the responsibility to lead the female community into the powerful new expansive moon of Sagittarius. Moon of the Warrior Spirit. To say you are daunted would be a huge understatement. You have never been allowed to attend the circles

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The Pink Dolphin and the Whispering Shaman

Annelis Solis - Connection

If you had to describe how powerful the rain felt, you’d probably describe it as if you were sitting under a group of thousands of men tipping huge buckets of water over you at a great height. Quite honestly you have never been so wet in your entire life. What made it even more of an uncomfortable situation, was that you were sat on a tiny wobbly boat, going down a tributary of the Amazon in the Peruvian jungle. You

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The Demons and their Malevolent Seeds of Judgement

A story about emotional abuse, how it runs through family lines and one way of stopping it

The sun catches the gold you are using to paint the backdrop of a new series of artworks you dreamed up last week. They dropped into your mind one Sunday. Manifestations of powerful priestesses displayed on canvases in streaks of abstract form. Painting is quite new for you, but as soon as you put paint to paper, the power of playing with the color breezed such a warm, rich golden feeling of love into you, that you wanted to keep

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Masks Are Not Your Friends

Masks are not your friends

There are masks lying everywhere. All over your black and white tiled floor. Happy ones, sad ones, vacant ones, angry ones, desperate ones, ecstatic ones. Still all there from last night, where you threw them in a raging fit. If you weren’t so upset, you’d probably be able to see how artistic they look, strewn out. The bright slightly gaudy expressions of the masks in contrast to the Neapolitan black and white. What are you going to do?  Your act

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The Perception Shifter

Zoe Langman - The Perception Shifter

Up ahead you see a beautiful river wide river, flowing calmly. On the far side of the bank is a green field, with long rowing boats that look ready to be launched. There’s a group of guys kitted out in matching blue sports attire. Must be worth watching you think. Maybe later, once you’ve finished your mission. “Whoops”, you say out loud as you trip over a cobblestone. You feel a bit embarrassed as you notice a family up ahead,

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The Sacred Valley of Whispering Leaves

The Sacred Valley Of the Whsipering Leaves

You are alone, wandering through an ancient forest of trees that are as high as 5 houses and as wide as at least 10 garden gates.  You don’t feel cold, but there are droplets forming on your skin and your clothes feel damp to the touch. You’ve been wandering for a while now and although you are alone and afraid, you are elated and still excited that you made your dash to leave. You feel a tinge of sadness for

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The Workshop of Rejected Creatures

The Workshop of Rejected Creatures - Sanur

You sit in luxurious silence at a bench in a cluttered workshop. In your right hand is a yellow pencil and a scrap of frayed notepaper sits empty in front of you. As you look around you see the small and somewhat dusty workshop is filled with wooden creatures of many forms, placed proudly on handmade misshapen wooden shelves. Bees, butterflies, doves, even what looks like a crocodile and a tiger. An unusual collection you think, wondering who dreamt all

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