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The mind-blowing magic of not drinking

The Magic of not drinking

It’s been 6 months since I gave up drinking alcohol. Not a glass of wine beer or liqueur has passed my lips since May 1st, 2018 and I can tell you that it feels like magic. It’s opened the doors for to a whole new kingdom, an entirely new place to be, live and feel. I feel incredibly gifted, grateful and lucky that I have had the chance to experience it before I leave the planet. With any luck, I’ll have

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Why Workaholism (The Hustle) is the Most Deviant Addiction there is

Do not trust robots

Workaholism, a word that rarely crops up anymore. I remember it from the 90s and the early 2000s. Perhaps it was on trend then as a fall out from the excessive shoulder padded, tough talk, money hungry, nasty behavior that littered that era. But it’s not gone, it’s been reborn, albeit, through more fancy methodologies, word speak and “successful” self-proclaimed business gurus.  Silicon Valley, the VC’s and the start-up community have rebranded it. Keywords like the hustle, productivity, growth hacking

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Why the Hustle Culture, Surrounding Yourself with Successful People & Other Myths is Bullshit

Why hanging out with successful people is bullshit

Read any startup blog, take a gander through the millions of posts on Linkedin, or open any of the top tips for success in business magazines like INC, Entrepreneur and Business Insider and there are the posts and the tip lists on “surrounding yourself with successful people”. There are 6.4 million search results for “surround yourself with successful people”. It’s been repeated over and over so many times, that it’s like some kind of unwritten rule of business right now.

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Quit Drinking Coffee & Get The Life Of Your Dreams ?

Seniman Decaf Coffee

Sounds a bit ridiculous and probably rather farfetched, doesn’t it? Quit drinking coffee and we can have the life of our dreams? But I assure you that by quitting something that has a major (negative) effect, it can almost certainly contribute to our immediate happiness, as well as our propensity for creating or transforming ourselves into a newer, better us, long-term. I’ve just spent the last month not drinking coffee. I did another self-imposed 30-day challenge, with the intention of breaking

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How To Create A DIY Writing Retreat

Image of a Write, Sketch & notebook & Fragipani flowers from my DIY Writing Retreat in Junjungan Guesthouse, Bali

I’ve just finished a 2-month solo DIY writing retreat in Bali. It’s part of a self-created and directed creative sabbatical that I’m doing this year. Many people use a sabbatical or a break from work to go travelling around the world, but I knew personally that is not what I wanted to do. I wanted to use the time to learn how to be more creative, pick up new skills and challenge myself. I know that I could not do

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Is fear accelerated by denial of self-love?

Don't let fear dim your light !

I meditate a lot, and now I’m on a creative sabbatical with a lot more time on my hands I can meditate a lot more. Sometimes I do hours and hours a day. Meditation really helps calm down my anxious mind, but it almost always gives me loads of ideas and solutions to problems.  I’m an ideas person anyway, but meditation just brings this to another level for me. This morning’s felt like an epiphany to me or a kind

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How to Create the Life of Your Dreams. Get off Social Media !

writing is so much more special in a beautiful book. From Write Sketch &.

I’ve just spent the last month off social media. I did a self-imposed 30-day social media detox challenge.  No LinkedIn (of which I was a prolific user), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… I stopped them from one day to the next. I told everyone that I needed quiet time to think and create and I would be back, at some point, no big deal. I was hoping to free up time to write more. You and I both know that a sneaky

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The Demons and their Malevolent Seeds of Judgement

A story about emotional abuse, how it runs through family lines and one way of stopping it

The sun catches the gold you are using to paint the backdrop of a new series of artworks you dreamed up last week. They dropped into your mind one Sunday. Manifestations of powerful priestesses displayed on canvases in streaks of abstract form. Painting is quite new for you, but as soon as you put paint to paper, the power of playing with the color breezed such a warm, rich golden feeling of love into you, that you wanted to keep

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How To Improve Your Self-Esteem By Being Creative

Balinese creative offering taken in a Bali temple

Self-esteem and self-love seem to be all over the media at the moment, a lot of it centered around the damaging effects that the highly visual and perfection driven social media channel Instagram can have on your health. Even if you are not really interested in Instagram, I still think that the more we talk about self-esteem the better it will be for us individually and for society. It’s still somewhat of a difficult and incredibly vulnerable thing to express

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A Creative sabbatical, what is it? and should you do one?

Zoe Langman at a hotel in Bali announcing her creative sabbatical

I’m excited to tell you that I have settled down in a location just outside Ubud in a tiny village in Bali for a while and so now I am ready to officially start my creative sabbatical. I realised that quite a few people I spoke to were not entirely sure what a creative sabbatical is, so I decided to create a bit of an overview. I’ve covered what a creative sabbatical is,  the bizarre story of how I ended

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How I lived all over the world by redesigning my life

Zoe Langman impersonating Mary Poppins

I’m Zoe, a 42-year-old divorced woman, that decided (yet again) to redesign my life, so I could spend more time doing the things that make me happy. I’ve been very privileged to have traveled and lived all over the world, through both planned and unplanned lifestyle redesigns. I hope some of these stories will inspire you and serve as a reminder to me, that when one door closes, a much bigger one often opens. Change can be frightening, but it’s

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How Co-working Changed my Life

I can’t tell you how excited I was to see my company name up there in the entrance of one of the coolest spaces in Shoreditch, London, it really felt like the start of an exciting journey for me personally as well as for my product launch and insight agency TigerLeap. Joining a real community of people that I can hang out with, bounce ideas off, not only keeps me motivated but has done wonders for me and my mental

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Off the grid holidays are not about disconnection, they are about reconnection (with yourself)

I’m a convert to off the grid holidays. Now I’ve come to realize that they are the ultimate decadence as well as a truly important way of reconnecting with yourself and others in real life. Kelly Brooks, who created and lead the retreat gave us reflection workbooks to fill in, so we would remember our time and what we learned. Looking back at those jogged my memory and took me right back to being there, plus flicking through the images and

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The Enchanted Forest & the Lesson of Letting go (XI Lust) Part 2

You are still lying in the beautiful whirlpool, deep in the middle of the enchanted forest. The lion with the 7 heads is on the bank and you are both waiting for the forest fairies to bring your backpack for your journey through the labyrinth. The backpack is to be full of courage, grit and might, you believe they said. As you move your hands through the water with grace and feel the peace of the gentle breeze you hear

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The Passion Hunter (XI Lust) Part 1

You gingerly step your barefoot on to the grass of the beautiful enormous green pasture that spreads for miles in front of you. You are naked, having just thrown off all your clothes, and you find yourself screaming into the air like a wild banshee. You are at the end. You do not know what to do anymore. It’s throw yourself off a bridge, a mountain or anything, just not to feel numb, angry, depressed and afraid anymore. Somehow you

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The Wolf of Wisdom

You sit atop a pure while carriage, moving swiftly through the snow-covered vistas and plains. Your carriage is open to the crisp winds, just as you requested today, pulled by your pack of grey wolves. Each with an eye of blue and an eye of green. Even though the carriage is roaring through the countryside you can still clearly see the giant snowflakes twisting and twirling in front of you showcasing their unique geometric patterns. Pure magic you think to

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The Wheel of Illumination

The Wheel of illumination

You stand in the middle of a salt desert. Barren land, with a pinkish and bluish hue. It’s crunchy underfoot as you walk through the salt, towards what appears to be a mirage. As you stare at the hypnotic landscape a structure begins to appear ahead of you. As you get closer you realise it’s a huge wheel. A fairground wheel. You speed up a little, intrigued by it, even though you are not a lover of these kinds of

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The Worst Start-Up in the World

Sea Monster - Las Canteras Beach - Gran Canaria - The Worst Start Up in the World

I received an email and then a call almost immediately on a Friday night at about 10 pm while I was still on sabbatical here in Bali. I have taken a year off to relax, recover from burnout in a world that I really wasn’t fitting into anymore. It has been 7 months since I had said goodbye to my last client and I was starting to wonder what I would do next. I had been experimenting with a lot of

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The Haunting of the Moth

The haunting of the Moth

I’m haunting you Hidden keeper of the light You cannot run I have the power of flight I’ll catch you before you know it Expose your skills & fear blocking Keep moving and i’ll keep chasing That fear that resides within you The one that bubbles up at night That’s your past talking Pulling me out of plane sight You can’t escape the mothman I see in the dark, but am guided by the light I’ll haunt you and hunt

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The Mad King & the Ducklings Lesson of Grace

The Blue Swan

You stare up at the huge expanse in front of you. It’s so so massive you think. You wonder if you will watch this view for your whole lifetime. It belongs to just one man. How can he possibly have this huge house for himself, and why the big walls? You don’t understand, but then you are just a duckling, so you have been told and you don’t know very much at all yet. You look at your home, it’s

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My Heart is Closed for Business

My Heart is Closed for Business

  My heart is closed for business Yes, that place you used to dump your pain The chalice you thought, was an ever empty vessel Is not accepting any more of your emotional poison   You abused my soft kind heart Beat it, judged it and criticized it until it could take no more Now it’s blocked off And it’s taking a stand   Closed, locked, guarded and shielded Like a knight in a suit of black mirrors What you hate

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A Pathway to the Yellow Light

The Pathway to the Yellow Light

She’s calling me in Beckoning me with her enchanting light Shimmering, pulsating, morphing & moving   There’s a warmth within her The warmth of being held It moves its shimmers through me Engulfing me in her lovely light   There’s no fear within her No manipulation in her mesmerizations It’s pure she whispers to me As pure as pure as light     Art: Zoe Langman This is the third of the meditations on color and the poem that flows through me

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Mr Gecko Explains The Curse Of The Earthbound Vampires

It’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon and you are lying on your pale grey velvet sofa. You went out to a meeting, and are still dressed up to the nines. An elegant gold tailored fitted silk dress, hair still cascading around your shoulders in delicate flowing waves and a perfect pale grey manicure that offsets the grey heavy silk woven stole your stylist chose for you. Everything arranged, perfect, held in place. You pull yourself up off the sofa exhausted,

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