Masks Are Not Your Friends

Masks are not your friends

There are masks lying everywhere. All over your black and white tiled floor. Happy ones, sad ones, vacant ones, angry ones, desperate ones, ecstatic ones. Still all there from last night, where you threw them in a raging fit. If you weren’t so upset, you’d probably be able to see how artistic they look, strewn out. The bright slightly gaudy expressions of the masks in contrast to the Neapolitan black and white. What are you going to do?  Your act

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The Perception Shifter

Zoe Langman - The Perception Shifter

Up ahead you see a beautiful river wide river, flowing calmly. On the far side of the bank is a green field, with long rowing boats that look ready to be launched. There’s a group of guys kitted out in matching blue sports attire. Must be worth watching you think. Maybe later, once you’ve finished your mission. “Whoops”, you say out loud as you trip over a cobblestone. You feel a bit embarrassed as you notice a family up ahead,

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The Sacred Valley of Whispering Leaves

The Sacred Valley Of the Whsipering Leaves

You are alone, wandering through an ancient forest of trees that are as high as 5 houses and as wide as at least 10 garden gates.  You don’t feel cold, but there are droplets forming on your skin and your clothes feel damp to the touch. You’ve been wandering for a while now and although you are alone and afraid, you are elated and still excited that you made your dash to leave. You feel a tinge of sadness for

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Why We Should Be Thanking Creatives?

Annelie Solis - Reveal my Universe

When was the last time you contacted a creative and wrote a heartfelt message of thanks? And I don’t mean saying “thanks” or pressing like, retweeting or reposting. I mean writing down what their post, video article or ongoing inspiration meant to you? Telling them with gratitude and honesty #ThankU4Creating? I’m not accusing you, it’s merely a question. We consume voraciously and expect creators to consistently publish new content to feed our demand desires. Do we ever slow down for

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How Lizzy Created Her Professional Voice-Over Career From Scratch

Lizzy Roxburgh Voice Over Artist

Today I’m talking to Lizzy Roxburgh ( Roxy)  who currently lives in Bali and is a nomadic voice-over artist. She’s held a myriad of jobs from a kindergarten teacher, to bar work and now professional nomadic voice-over artist. We talk a lot about how she started, how she travels and does her work and what a voiceover artist actually does.  Also, she generously shares a lot of information and top tips, which will be super useful,  if you are considering entering

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