A Pathway to the Yellow Light

The Pathway to the Yellow Light

She’s calling me in Beckoning me with her enchanting light Shimmering, pulsating, morphing & moving   There’s a warmth within her The warmth of being held It moves its shimmers through me Engulfing me in her lovely light   There’s no fear within her No manipulation in her mesmerizations It’s pure she whispers to me As pure as pure as light     Art: Zoe Langman This is the third of the meditations on color and the poem that flows through me

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The Attempted Assasination of Eye

Amaya - Annelie Solis

You are sat on the dusty floor, mentally trying to prepare yourself for the events of this evening’s New Moon circle. This is your first chance to lead the sacred circle. Your elders have taken a journey, so you alone have the responsibility to lead the female community into the powerful new expansive moon of Sagittarius. Moon of the Warrior Spirit. To say you are daunted would be a huge understatement. You have never been allowed to attend the circles

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Masks Are Not Your Friends

Masks are not your friends

There are masks lying everywhere. All over your black and white tiled floor. Happy ones, sad ones, vacant ones, angry ones, desperate ones, ecstatic ones. Still all there from last night, where you threw them in a raging fit. If you weren’t so upset, you’d probably be able to see how artistic they look, strewn out. The bright slightly gaudy expressions of the masks in contrast to the Neapolitan black and white. What are you going to do?  Your act

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The Perception Shifter

Zoe Langman - The Perception Shifter

Up ahead you see a beautiful river wide river, flowing calmly. On the far side of the bank is a green field, with long rowing boats that look ready to be launched. There’s a group of guys kitted out in matching blue sports attire. Must be worth watching you think. Maybe later, once you’ve finished your mission. “Whoops”, you say out loud as you trip over a cobblestone. You feel a bit embarrassed as you notice a family up ahead,

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The Sacred Valley of Whispering Leaves

The Sacred Valley Of the Whsipering Leaves

You are alone, wandering through an ancient forest of trees that are as high as 5 houses and as wide as at least 10 garden gates.  You don’t feel cold, but there are droplets forming on your skin and your clothes feel damp to the touch. You’ve been wandering for a while now and although you are alone and afraid, you are elated and still excited that you made your dash to leave. You feel a tinge of sadness for

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The Workshop of Rejected Creatures

The Workshop of Rejected Creatures - Sanur

You sit in luxurious silence at a bench in a cluttered workshop. In your right hand is a yellow pencil and a scrap of frayed notepaper sits empty in front of you. As you look around you see the small and somewhat dusty workshop is filled with wooden creatures of many forms, placed proudly on handmade misshapen wooden shelves. Bees, butterflies, doves, even what looks like a crocodile and a tiger. An unusual collection you think, wondering who dreamt all

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The Peacocks Lessons

A Dream - The Peacocks - Hotel In Bali

You are stood silent and still, one leg straight, another bent to above your knee. Hands in a prayer posture. You feel strong, noble and elegant like you could do this forever. Your eyes are closed, and there’s a deep peace within you. There’s a gentle breeze hitting you from your left side, cooling you from the overhead sun. You open your eyes and see you are on the top of a rather high hill, with all sides sloping into

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The mind-blowing magic of not drinking

The Magic of not drinking

It’s been 6 months since I gave up drinking alcohol. Not a glass of wine beer or liqueur has passed my lips since May 1st, 2018 and I can tell you that it feels like magic. It’s opened the doors for to a whole new kingdom, an entirely new place to be, live and feel. I feel incredibly gifted, grateful and lucky that I have had the chance to experience it before I leave the planet. With any luck, I’ll have

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Why We Should Be Thanking Creatives?

Annelie Solis - Reveal my Universe

When was the last time you contacted a creative and wrote a heartfelt message of thanks? And I don’t mean saying “thanks” or pressing like, retweeting or reposting. I mean writing down what their post, video article or ongoing inspiration meant to you? Telling them with gratitude and honesty #ThankU4Creating? I’m not accusing you, it’s merely a question. We consume voraciously and expect creators to consistently publish new content to feed our demand desires. Do we ever slow down for

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Want to get the life of your dreams ? Quit Drinking Alcohol !


Since May 1st, 2018 I have not touched a drop of alcohol, so that’s over 2 months since I quit drinking.  For some of you that’s an incredibly short period, for others, it sounds ridiculously long. It’s not the longest time I’ve quit drinking alcohol for, but it’s certainly the most impactful. The funny thing is that I could give up both alcohol and smoking on the same day and I quite honestly have not thought about them in terms

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