Why the Hustle Culture, Surrounding Yourself with Successful People & Other Myths is Bullshit

Why hanging out with successful people is bullshit

Read any startup blog, take a gander through the millions of posts on Linkedin, or open any of the top tips for success in business magazines like INC, Entrepreneur and Business Insider and there are the posts and the tip lists on “surrounding yourself with successful people”. There are 6.4 million search results for “surround yourself with successful people”. It’s been repeated over and over so many times, that it’s like some kind of unwritten rule of business right now.

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Lifestyle ReDesign: From Event Director @ NASDAQ in NY, to Coworking Manager in London

Jacquelyn Orchard. General Manager of Huckletree Coworking Shoreditch

Today I talk to Jax, who moved from a cutthroat finance career in New York to being General Manager of my favourite coworking space,  Huckletree Shoreditch ( London).  We talk a lot about how the environment you work in strongly affects your life, your productivity and your career plus how she’s teaching herself skateboarding in her free time! Keep scrolling to read the interview or you can listen in to the podcast to hear Jax and I chat. Before we

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