Immerse Yourself in the Mystical Energy of Kecak

The Balinese Dancers from the Kecak Fire Dance Show in Junjungan Temple, near Ubud, Bali

Are you the kind of tourist that has to say in the main town and see things alongside the masses? Squeezing yourself in with hundreds of others in the main temple in Ubud or Uluwatu to watch the Kecak fire dance. Jostling with your neighbours and their flashing cameras and phones to get a good picture? Or are you an explorer and a culture seeker, that likes to get away from the crowds and take the chance of discovering a

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Ultimate Guide to Resturants in Junjungan Ubud for Solo Females

Image of the breakfast at the Madani Antique Villas, Junjungan, Bali

This is an ongoing and ever-expanding guide to the restaurants in Junjungan and close by, created for solo women travelling around Bali.  Jungjungan is a small town, just a few kilometres north of Ubud, Bali.  I’ve been staying in Junjungan for almost 2 months on my DIY writing and creative sabbatical and I  absolutely love it, so I decided to share my top tips, plus the hidden and not so hidden foodie secrets so you consider it as part of

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Lifestyle Redesign: From Swedish Lawyer to Global Start Up Lawyer

Janet Alexandersson - Global Start Up Lawyer based in Las Palmas, Gran

This week’s Lifestyle Redesign interview is with Janet Alexandersson. We met at Restation the Coworking space in Gran Canaria, while we were both working there in January 2018. Janet transitioned from being a Swedish lawyer, based in Sweden into a location independent worker, now based in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. She currently helps start-ups incorporate their businesses, as well as with things like legal issues and contracts. In working in this area, she also found a lot of scammy practices

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How To Improve Your Self-Esteem By Being Creative

Balinese creative offering taken in a Bali temple

Self-esteem and self-love seem to be all over the media at the moment, a lot of it centered around the damaging effects that the highly visual and perfection driven social media channel Instagram can have on your health. Even if you are not really interested in Instagram, I still think that the more we talk about self-esteem the better it will be for us individually and for society. It’s still somewhat of a difficult and incredibly vulnerable thing to express

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A Creative sabbatical, what is it? and should you do one?

Zoe Langman at a hotel in Bali announcing her creative sabbatical

I’m excited to tell you that I have settled down in a location just outside Ubud in a tiny village in Bali for a while and so now I am ready to officially start my creative sabbatical. I realised that quite a few people I spoke to were not entirely sure what a creative sabbatical is, so I decided to create a bit of an overview. I’ve covered what a creative sabbatical is,  the bizarre story of how I ended

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The Ultimate Junjungan Restaurant Guide for solo women

I am in the process of writing an ultimate guide to Jungjungan in Bali for solo women and this ongoing restaurant guide is a part of it. Right now it’s small, but I’m adding to it daily. Jungjungan is a small town, just a few kilometres north of Ubud, Bali It’s away from the major tourist trail, so you won’t get the extremely annoying “Taxi” being shouted every 2 minutes. It’s small, it’s friendly and it’s perfect for the solo

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