The Peacocks Lessons

A Dream - The Peacocks - Hotel In Bali

You are stood silent and still, one leg straight, another bent to above your knee. Hands in a prayer posture. You feel strong, noble and elegant like you could do this forever. Your eyes are closed, and there’s a deep peace within you. There’s a gentle breeze hitting you from your left side, cooling you from the overhead sun. You open your eyes and see you are on the top of a rather high hill, with all sides sloping into

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The Ibis, The Camels & The Six Sisters

AnnelieSolis-The Inner Desert

Soft, flowing flute-like music enters into your mind. A woman’s voice, moves with the music, rolling, spiraling, uplifting you. You can’t understand what she is saying, but you feel it drifting in and out. As you come to, you realize that you were asleep, and these tones are waking you up. You open your eyes a slit. There’s a deep sense of not knowing where you are. Through the slit, you see unfamiliar colors. Tones of sand, red, and turquoise.

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The Lion, The Gossips & You

Annelie-Solis - Lion Third Eye

With the dramatic move of a teenager, the lion tosses his mane back and stretches his front paws out within a slow deliberate grace, turns his head and asks “Should we be off?” You look left and right, but there is no one else in the yellow stone street but you. The sun is rising, the air is warming and by the quiet on the street, most people must still be asleep. By the look on your face, it’s obvious

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What Does Being An Angry Online Activist Feel Like?

From calm to crazy, my week of online activism

Last week I decided to do a micro experiment on Linkedin, by finding and replying to posts that evoked strong emotions within me. I wanted to see if a week’s online activism or love from an individual would make any difference to thoughts and minds. Strong feelings were the catalyst, so that could be love or hate. My plan was to give objective and honest comments. I wanted to see what it felt like and what kind of response I would

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The mind-blowing magic of not drinking

The Magic of not drinking

It’s been 6 months since I gave up drinking alcohol. Not a glass of wine beer or liqueur has passed my lips since May 1st, 2018 and I can tell you that it feels like magic. It’s opened the doors for to a whole new kingdom, an entirely new place to be, live and feel. I feel incredibly gifted, grateful and lucky that I have had the chance to experience it before I leave the planet. With any luck, I’ll have

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Why Workaholism (The Hustle) is the Most Deviant Addiction there is

Do not trust robots

Workaholism, a word that rarely crops up anymore. I remember it from the 90s and the early 2000s. Perhaps it was on trend then as a fall out from the excessive shoulder padded, tough talk, money hungry, nasty behavior that littered that era. But it’s not gone, it’s been reborn, albeit, through more fancy methodologies, word speak and “successful” self-proclaimed business gurus.  Silicon Valley, the VC’s and the start-up community have rebranded it. Keywords like the hustle, productivity, growth hacking

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