A message from mother natures fairies on how to start entering the fairy realm

You are sat in a pavilion in the middle of a beautiful rice field. There is no one else around apart from you, and the beautiful blond angel sat in front of you. The little girl came to ask you how to connect with her fairy guides.

You sit together, legs crossed, flowers spread all around and holding hands. It’s twilight and the sky is streaked with orange and pink and you see the dark outline of palm trees in the distance.

“Let’s close our eyes you say and see if the fairies want to come and see us, sometimes they are very timid and don’t like to show themselves in this world, just in case they get chased and put in bird cages as a strange spectacle.”

You sit and wait, breathing in the beautiful fragrant frangipani air. Minutes pass, and you tell her not to worry, but the fairy guide will arrive. Seconds later she does.

“I’m here, she says, “and just on time by the looks of it”

“You both looked so peaceful I thought you would slip into slumber”

You both laugh. It seems that the fairy that’s arrived this evening is a fairy with a fun sense of humour.

She buzzes around landing on your shoulders and making funny faces, and you both laugh your heads off. Finally, after a little while she sits on the floor in your little circle. She’s tiny, probably not much bigger than a little finger, but her voice carries on the breeze, so you can both hear her perfectly.

“You called me”, she asks?

“Our young visitor would like to invite you to be her friend. She’s said she’s asked and asked and written you letters, but you don’t write back. She really would like to see you.” You say

“Well it’s not quite as simple as writing a letter and we just turn up and hay presto” the fairy says. Those are not the ways of entering the fairy world. We don’t work on human timelines or in human ways. Our fairy dimension and world is a little different”, she explains

“We are happy to work with all humans, especially children, but we love to be a little spoiled you see. We are not just toys. We are real beings with hearts and love, and we have real purpose in nature. It takes quite some time to see us with the human eye.”

“But we do have many other magical ways of connecting with you, and all you have to do is learn the secret language.”

“I will share with you, some of the ways that we would love to connect with you & be your guides”

“First, we ask you to sit in quiet with your eyes closed for some minutes. The best place is in the middle of nature. A garden, a park or a quiet spot. If this is hard for you, then have a plant or some flowers near to you.”

“Breathe in and out from your stomach quietly, trying to remove all thoughts from your mind. If you get thoughts coming in, create a basket in your mind and imagine the thoughts being written quickly on a piece of paper and thrown in the bin. As they land in the bin they disappear with a puff of smoke”

“Now picture a garden in your mind, with beautiful trees and bushes and plants. Keep breathing and staying quiet and I will show up. I may come immediately into your mind or this may take some time. The more thoughts you can throw into the basket and you just see the garden ahead the better. I will arrive when I arrive. You can’t push us. We fairies don’t like pressure, we work with the rhythm of love and nature”.

“When you see me , you can start speaking to me in your head. You can talk to me like a treasured friend. I am now your friend and your guide. “Ask me what my name is and I will tell you”. Whichever name pops into your head first is mine, even if it may seem a little strange”.

“You can sit and talk to me like this through your mind. The more we practise sitting in silence together the better we will get at it. When we get really good you can just close your eyes and I am there immediately.”

“Because I am a fairy, I can also enter other realms. So, I can be in your head with you, in your dreams and also in your body.”

“Remember that I am a fairy and we fairies love nature, so the more time you spend in nature and the more you help mother nature the happier we fairies are.”

“We all love creativity, like painting and drawing, so we are really happy if you draw us, paint us or write us letters and poems. We work in a secret language like I said before, so the messages will come to you when you sit in silence with us or sometimes, we come in the form of ideas that just ping into your brain. Just like little magic messages.”

“But remember, we only do and say kind and loving things to you and give you warm feelings. We fairies are beings of love and we work on behalf of mother nature. We work with all the plants and animals and our favourite place to be is in woodland and near ponds and streams. Many of us have dragonflies as our personal chauffeurs. So if you see a dragonfly you know that we are nearby.”

“Remember, it takes a long time of working with us to see us with the human eye. Many humans will never see us in their whole lives, but that is for our safety and not yours. We must protect the fairy kingdom at all costs, so we move instead through the secret realms in your mind and your dreams.”

“And now I must go, says the fairy. As it’s time for me to tend to my mother nature duties. We look forward to when you call us into your minds eye.”

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