Poem on Accepting we are Lost

The Beauty of Being Lost

The Beauty of being lost 
When we dissolve ourselves from the frost 
That fear that demands to know 
That fear we may not grow 

We seek and seek and seek 
Many people we meet 
But do we believe 
When we sit silent in reprieve

The sun shines in us all 
Only in our eyes do we really fall 
We lose the power of grace 
When we call ourselves a disgrace 

Gentle winds blow through 
Creating an air of the new 
A new way to see 
A new way to be 

When we embrace we are lost 
We start to unlock the frost 
The cold front that sweeps through 
That resists the fresh dew

When we accept our place in time 
Stop searching for crime 
When we accept the world now 
It will awaken the golden cow 

No more fancy flights 
No more silly fights 
Just seeing whats there 
And accepting the grey hairs 

Written by Zoe LL 

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