Why Workaholism (The Hustle) is the Most Deviant Addiction there is

Do not trust robots

Workaholism, a word that rarely crops up anymore. I remember it from the 90s and the early 2000s. Perhaps it was on trend then as a fall out from the excessive shoulder padded, tough talk, money hungry, nasty behavior that littered that era. But it’s not gone, it’s been reborn, albeit, through more fancy methodologies, word speak and “successful” self-proclaimed business gurus.  Silicon Valley, the VC’s and the start-up community have rebranded it. Keywords like the hustle, productivity, growth hacking

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How Lizzy Created Her Professional Voice-Over Career From Scratch

Lizzy Roxburgh Voice Over Artist

Today I’m talking to Lizzy Roxburgh ( Roxy)  who currently lives in Bali and is a nomadic voice-over artist. She’s held a myriad of jobs from a kindergarten teacher, to bar work and now professional nomadic voice-over artist. We talk a lot about how she started, how she travels and does her work and what a voiceover artist actually does.  Also, she generously shares a lot of information and top tips, which will be super useful,  if you are considering entering

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Lifestyle Redesign: From Swedish Lawyer to Global Start Up Lawyer

Janet Alexandersson - Global Start Up Lawyer based in Las Palmas, Gran

This week’s Lifestyle Redesign interview is with Janet Alexandersson. We met at Restation the Coworking space in Gran Canaria, while we were both working there in January 2018. Janet transitioned from being a Swedish lawyer, based in Sweden into a location independent worker, now based in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. She currently helps start-ups incorporate their businesses, as well as with things like legal issues and contracts. In working in this area, she also found a lot of scammy practices

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How I lived all over the world by redesigning my life

Zoe Langman impersonating Mary Poppins

I’m Zoe, a 42-year-old divorced woman, that decided (yet again) to redesign my life, so I could spend more time doing the things that make me happy. I’ve been very privileged to have traveled and lived all over the world, through both planned and unplanned lifestyle redesigns. I hope some of these stories will inspire you and serve as a reminder to me, that when one door closes, a much bigger one often opens. Change can be frightening, but it’s

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Lifestyle Redesign: From HR Professional in Law to Yoga Teacher

Kelly Brooks Yoga in the Snow

This weeks lifestyle redesign podcast is with Kelly Brooks. We chatted at the tail end of 2017 in her beautiful flat in South London on how she redesigned her life. She went from working at a City Law firm to becoming a qualified yoga teacher. She now teaches in many of London’s yoga hotspots, forward-thinking companies and in retreats that she runs and manages all over Europe. Kelly is an inspiration for anyone looking to give up corporate the corporate

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Lifestyle ReDesign: From Event Director @ NASDAQ in NY, to Coworking Manager in London

Jacquelyn Orchard. General Manager of Huckletree Coworking Shoreditch

Today I talk to Jax, who moved from a cutthroat finance career in New York to being General Manager of my favourite coworking space,  Huckletree Shoreditch ( London).  We talk a lot about how the environment you work in strongly affects your life, your productivity and your career plus how she’s teaching herself skateboarding in her free time! Keep scrolling to read the interview or you can listen in to the podcast to hear Jax and I chat. Before we

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Lifestyle ReDesign: Consultant to creating employee happiness

Karina Brown from Gro Happy

Meet Karina, inspirational co-founder of employee happiness start-up GroHappy. Karina was a consultant at EY, and as you’ll read about in this interview she left and started her own blossoming company with her co-founder Jim.  I’m a huge fan of what they are creating and I would advise any company with employees to take a look at their software. As we all know, beanbags and beer are passé, next level companies are looking at providing employees with growth and emotional

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Lifestyle ReDesign: From Photographer to Global Brand Manager

Today, I’m meeting Shab Ashagaria.  Shab and I have worked together for almost three years now. She works at ReTrak, a Dallas based consumer electronics company,  where we work together on a lot of retail projects. She was in London the week I interviewed her at the beautiful Langham Hotel. We talk work, work/life balance, travel passions and what she thinks about us Londoners. Keep scrolling to read the interview or you can listen in to the podcast to hear Shab and

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Lifestyle ReDesign: From Techie to Brand Consultant in Wellness

Today I’m connecting with Rebecca, from The Well.  She and I met pretty much as soon as I arrived at Huckletree and bonded right away. We have a lot of very similar interests and values, so I’m delighted that when she got back from her latest trip, she made time to have this in-depth chat with me. We talk digital nomading, self-care on the move, the power of journaling and how she relaxes. It’s a super interesting chat and she is

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Lifestyle ReDesign: From Student to UX Designer

This morning I’m chatting to Merete Grotkjaer, 23,  from Denmark. We sat down over lunch in the comfy couch area at Huckletree, beneath their now infamous and highly Instagramable “Stay Curious” neon sign. Merete and have sat near each other quite a few times. She’s an incredibly happy, intelligent and super interesting lady to chat to, so I was really excited when she agreed to sit down with me What are you up to right now? I am actually interning,

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