What Does Being An Angry Online Activist Feel Like?

From calm to crazy, my week of online activism

Last week I decided to do a micro experiment on Linkedin, by finding and replying to posts that evoked strong emotions within me. I wanted to see if a week’s online activism or love from an individual would make any difference to thoughts and minds. Strong feelings were the catalyst, so that could be love or hate. My plan was to give objective and honest comments. I wanted to see what it felt like and what kind of response I would

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The mind-blowing magic of not drinking

The Magic of not drinking

It’s been 6 months since I gave up drinking alcohol. Not a glass of wine beer or liqueur has passed my lips since May 1st, 2018 and I can tell you that it feels like magic. It’s opened the doors for to a whole new kingdom, an entirely new place to be, live and feel. I feel incredibly gifted, grateful and lucky that I have had the chance to experience it before I leave the planet. With any luck, I’ll have

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Why the Hustle Culture, Surrounding Yourself with Successful People & Other Myths is Bullshit

Why hanging out with successful people is bullshit

Read any startup blog, take a gander through the millions of posts on Linkedin, or open any of the top tips for success in business magazines like INC, Entrepreneur and Business Insider and there are the posts and the tip lists on “surrounding yourself with successful people”. There are 6.4 million search results for “surround yourself with successful people”. It’s been repeated over and over so many times, that it’s like some kind of unwritten rule of business right now.

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Want to get the life of your dreams ? Quit Drinking Alcohol !


Since May 1st, 2018 I have not touched a drop of alcohol, so that’s over 2 months since I quit drinking.  For some of you that’s an incredibly short period, for others, it sounds ridiculously long. It’s not the longest time I’ve quit drinking alcohol for, but it’s certainly the most impactful. The funny thing is that I could give up both alcohol and smoking on the same day and I quite honestly have not thought about them in terms

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Is fear accelerated by denial of self-love?

Don't let fear dim your light !

I meditate a lot, and now I’m on a creative sabbatical with a lot more time on my hands I can meditate a lot more. Sometimes I do hours and hours a day. Meditation really helps calm down my anxious mind, but it almost always gives me loads of ideas and solutions to problems.  I’m an ideas person anyway, but meditation just brings this to another level for me. This morning’s felt like an epiphany to me or a kind

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A Creative sabbatical, what is it? and should you do one?

Zoe Langman at a hotel in Bali announcing her creative sabbatical

I’m excited to tell you that I have settled down in a location just outside Ubud in a tiny village in Bali for a while and so now I am ready to officially start my creative sabbatical. I realised that quite a few people I spoke to were not entirely sure what a creative sabbatical is, so I decided to create a bit of an overview. I’ve covered what a creative sabbatical is,  the bizarre story of how I ended

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How I lived all over the world by redesigning my life

Zoe Langman impersonating Mary Poppins

I’m Zoe, a 42-year-old divorced woman, that decided (yet again) to redesign my life, so I could spend more time doing the things that make me happy. I’ve been very privileged to have traveled and lived all over the world, through both planned and unplanned lifestyle redesigns. I hope some of these stories will inspire you and serve as a reminder to me, that when one door closes, a much bigger one often opens. Change can be frightening, but it’s

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How to survive your first month as a Digital Nomad

How to survive your first month digital nomading

In December 2017 I packed up my London flat and London life and started my journey working from anywhere.  I’d love to say that I’d spent a great deal of time prepping for it, but the truth is I’d only really planned for part of it. I’d made sure that everything was in place work-wise, but I had not actually given much thought to how I was going to feel or what impact this would have on my mental health

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London resident to Digital Nomad in 60 days

Big Ben - Matt Crump

There’s a saying that goes “if you are tired of London, you are tired of life”. A phrase which has kept many a person in the capital, probably a little too long and possibly stopped them from starting their travelling, digital nomad or remote working dream. It’s true that there are endlessly amazing things to do, places to eat, people to meet and places to visit. However, if you’ve lived and worked in London for any time at all, you

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