Poem Shifting from Mistakes to Action

The Demon of Mistakes

This is wrong
That is wrong
Wrong, wrong, wrong 
Wishing to be gone 

The urge to fly away 
To destroy what people say 
Away, Away, Away
This is what I think they say 

But, Is this really what they say ?
To fly away ?
To leave this space ?
As there is no shining grace ?

Mistakes made in haste 
That feeling of disgrace 
That burning inside 
Of shame that desires to hide 

One day the witch will arrive 
And sit beside 
Beside you 
Telling you what is true 

There is no wrong way 
There is only fear, which causes dismay 
Fear to start 
Leaving you with a broken heart 

It’s time to move ahead 
Chose a direction before we are dead 
Fixate our focus on this 
May this be our greatest wish 

Written by Zoe LL 

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