The Beasts Heads Introduce Themselves – (XI Lust) – Part 3

You lie down on the log covered in moss. Just like a comfortable forest day bed you think. Your stomach is full of the delicious mushrooms you just ate, and you nap in an after dinner blissful lull.

You open your eyes and see the beast with its 7 heads is also snoozing peacefully. Occasionally one of the heads lets out a snort. They don’t seem to notice you watching them at all.

What an interesting creature you ponder.  I wonder where it came from? It looks not unlike something from a children’s cartoon. As you stare at the beast you see him open an eye and look at you.

“Ah sister, you are awake now. Marvellous. I do hope you had a nice rest after your lunch. I did want to check up on you and see how you are feeling about being in our world “?

“I love it”, you say to him

“That’s what we want to hear”, he says calmly. “Only that, you have left an awful lot of things behind. How are you dealing with the process of letting them go?”

“That’s a good question you say. I was actually thinking about this a lot on our ride and the dream I just had in my nap gave me echoes of the same thoughts. All that I thought was good in my life before and all that I though was bad, none of it really fitted me anymore. Neither the good nor the bad. Because what I thought was good, seems now to actually have been bad if that makes sense.”

“What I mean to say, and I’m sorry if I am talking in riddles, but what I had worked hard for, for so long and I thought I liked and loved, I did not really like or enjoy. I just thought I did. I think I must have been in total denial in some way. Perhaps I was too embarrassed to admit it. Somehow it felt shameful down there in the lower world, to say that everything that I created had made me unhappy. But it did.”

I continue, full of clarity now it seems. “Now I look at it, and it all seems so clear, then when I was there in the lower world, I just felt confused, afraid and depressed all the time and I really did not know why. It’s like there was a big veil or mystery surrounding my understanding and I could not draw back the curtain no matter how hard I tried.”

“Well,” said the beast. “Let me tell you, that you are not alone in this thinking process. This is almost exactly the same that we hear from all the voyagers that enter our world here. It’s just a part of the process. That’s one of the gifts we give you as you enter the portal. The gift of more understanding of your other lives and what they mean to you now.”

“Yes, that make sense”, you say. “Suddenly everything seems so much clearer. Like a light went on in my head.”

“And speaking of heads I have been meaning to ask you about the 7 heads. Are they all part of your head or are they independent heads with their own brains and thoughts? You ask him in trepidation.

“I was wondering when you would ask this”, said the beast. “I guess now is as good a time as any to explain.”

“All the heads have their own brains and their own thoughts. But since we are here on this journey with you, this means that these heads will be to you, as you want them to be. So, what I mean by that is that each head will make an impression upon you. It will mean something to you and can help you with your journey in a manner of speaking.”

“When we work with the other voyagers the heads will mean different things to them or to the king. Essentially, we are just heads of wisdom, but how you see us is how you see us so to say. Just like in the world you came from. No different really.”

“Why don’t you pick one of the heads and we will demonstrate, as explaining itself is a little hard sometimes. Tell me which head you pick first to talk to who and what does the head look like to you, asks the beast?”

“Okay I pick this head here”, you say pointing to a head.  “He looks like an angel. He has a soft face, and beautiful hair.”

“And now ask the head, what his name is and what he can help you with and see what he says.”

“What’s your name ?” you ask, feeling slightly embarrassed.

“Hello Sister pleased to meet you. My name is Ramon. I can speak to the lower worlds, this world and the world of the gods. I can connect and see in all worlds, watch all things and if you ask me for help, as long as it won’t anger the gods or disturb the consequences for your life path too greatly, I will do it. All you have to do is ask me directly. But very importantly, do not tell me how to do it, you must only ask me to solve your problem.”

“Wow, so you really are an Angel”, you say.

“If you say so,” Ramon says. “We don’t really have titles like that here. We just have tasks to complete.”

“Choose another head”, says the beast.

Okay I pick this one you say. “The one that looks like a wild woman. Hello, what is your name? You ask her.”

“Hello Sister, nice to meet you. My name is Flo. I am indeed a wild woman. I love music, dance and song. And most of all I love wine. Such a magnificent drink, to wash ones cares away don’t you think?”

“Ohhh, I think I understand, you say. Is this the old me? The wild me?”

“Perhaps”, says the beast. “Did what she said mean something to you? “

“Well she’s a reminder of what I was before. Wild, crazy after wine. I do not want to be that person anymore. I guess she is a reminder of what that looks like and that I do not want to go back to that. I can do my singing, dancing and creating here without wine. I don’t need that here. The wine only brings pain.”

“Well if that is what you think, “says the beast, then that is what she means to you.

“Why don’t you pick another head?”

“Okay I pick this one. The handsome and kind one here.”

“What is your name handsome head? ”, you ask him flirtingly

“Hello Sister, nice to meet you, my name is Jo, and thank you for calling me handsome and kind, as that in fact is who I am. I am here to talk to you, when you are sad, when you are happy and when you are mad. I love to talk about philosophy, art and nature. So happy we can enjoy this journey together.”

“Well this sounds like my ideal man you say. Isn’t this lucky that I get to spend time with him on this journey.”

“Indeed, it is says the beast, and so you see each head has its own brain and its own thoughts and can help you in the way that you would like. They all have a special gift. But what they don’t do is tell you what you want to hear, for that is not their job. Their tasks are to help you to get to the end of the labyrinth and support you as you need, but they speak truth and will be brutally honest if they need to be.”

“The king calls them his trusted guardians of truth, his oracles and seers of his life and his passions. He sees them as aspects of himself. But that has taken him lifetimes of working with us to see. So, you may see us as trusted friends and companions or your journey, or you may come to see us from a different aspect.”

“That is up to you. You see us from your own side sister.”

“And the other heads” , you ask ?

That’s enough head meet and greets for one day, says the beast. It’s time we be getting along now for the next stage of your journey.

Jump on, we must go. …..

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