The Blue Triangle of Hope

The Blue Triangle of Hope


She meditates within the dark triangle
Blackness surrounding her
She wants the light, yet she sees only black
Black with, just maybe a hint of blue

Tomorrow she hopes it will get lighter
A blue sky will seep in
An entrancing daring teal
A blue with power

Blue skies are all she’s hoping for
Blue skies at dawn and blue skies at night
She knows she will get there
It’s on its way

Belief she thinks, it’s probably the potion


Art & poem – Zoe Langman


More Info on The Blue Triangle of Hope Artwork 

Embedded within the Blue Triangle are meaningful sacred words for me.  I pulled them from a writing exercise I did on my higher self and wrote them down before I painted over them. I don’t feel like I deleted them, I feel I brought them to life with the Blue Triangle.

This concept came to me through the story that I channeled, The Malevolent Seeds of Judgement, where an abused woman, creates paintings and embeds words of courage within them to help her to fight back against her abusive and narcissistic partner and the evils of the world.


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