The Passion Hunter (XI Lust) Part 1

You gingerly step your barefoot on to the grass of the beautiful enormous green pasture that spreads for miles in front of you.

You are naked, having just thrown off all your clothes, and you find yourself screaming into the air like a wild banshee. You are at the end. You do not know what to do anymore. It’s throw yourself off a bridge, a mountain or anything, just not to feel numb, angry, depressed and afraid anymore.

Somehow you landed in the middle of this field, and somehow you decided to remove all your clothes and as you stand here screaming your lungs out into the gently undulating vista, you realise you haven’t felt this alive or good in a very long time.

You scream so loud and so long, that you lose your voice, but by god you feel so much better.

You notice that there’s a small forest and a stream on your right. You must have been walking and screaming. As you turn to look back you see your pile of clothes on the floor looking like a tiny spot in the distance. There’s no one here anyway you think, and in all honesty, you are way past caring. Let them find me naked you think.

You walk towards the stream, praying that you can drink the water, as your throat is hoarse from all the rapturous screaming.

The stream winds its way luxuriously between moss covered rocks and beautiful ferns that seem to dance in the gentle breeze. You look up to where the stream is coming out of the side of the rock on the mountain. It looks so fresh you ponder. Can I drink it?

Just then you see a couple of trout jumping upstream. Ah, freshwater you think. I can drink thank goodness. You begin to look for a spot to put your hands in, when you see a glint from the corner of your eye. You squint to see past the sun.

it’s a golden goblet or chalice of some form.

You hop up to the rock it’s sat on, not more than 10 metres away and sure enough it’s empty and clean. Wonderful you think, and dip it into the stream, drawing the cool clear water.

Wow, it tastes just like heaven. Even though it’s just water, it tastes like the best drink you’ve ever tasted. A couple of goblets later, you decide it may be time for some further exploration.

Looking back at the source of the stream, you realise that there may be something on the other side.

You climb over and look down. It’s a much bigger, wider slow-moving river, at least 10 metres across. It’s dark and shadowy, but extremely enchanting. The river looks shallow in some spots, and there’s pools in others. L

Looks inviting enough for a swim. Will be so relaxing in this forest paradise you think, so you slide down the bank on your naked bottom as it’s a little steep. Luckily you only catch a couple of little twigs in your bum, so not too much to worry about.

There’s still no one around, so you step onto the ready-made stepping stones and walk across to a pool on the other side.

It’s swirling rather like a whirlpool, and there’s a flash of fear that comes over you, in case it’s some kind of underground vacuum that will pull you in. But you knock the thought out of your mind and slide into the crystal-clear waters.

Delicious, like pure heaven. You can’t remember the last time you had experienced joy like this. Only this morning were you sat at your desk working, at the job you hate, with the boss you hate, with colleagues who drive you senseless with their inane gossip. And now you are here, lying in a forest pool naked. That you did not even know existed.

Thousands of times you drove this road and never noticed the field. Today after you had stormed out of the office after just 30 mins and started driving home, something told you to pull up at the side of the road and wander into a field. And then you found this, it’s truly amazing and magical you think.

Hopefully they will have forgiven me at the office and perhaps this little experience, will help me get through the rest of the week.

As you lay there pondering your life and your future, with your eyes closed and held up floating by the whirring of the pool, you hear a crunching sound.

You move your head slowly to the right, where the sound is coming from and open your eyes a slit. It’s a Lion, well a kind of a lion anyway.

“Hello Madame, how are you? Are you well? “He says with some authority

“I see you are enjoying our stream of seshia”. How is it feeling for you? “

“It’s incredible “, you say with some uneasiness. Wondering if you are now dreaming or what an earth is going on.

“Well of course it is. This stream belongs to the king, and this is his stream of passion. This is where he comes to cleanse his soul and evoke his passion and lust. Right where you are laying is his bathing area.”

“It was created for him by the forest nymphs that guard the area and create the stepping stones, secret pathways and pools. It is they that govern the portal gates too. You must have seen them, as they would have let you in.”

“No, I did not see them, not that I remember”.

“Are you sure? asks the lion

“No, I definitely did not,” you say.

You hear a twittering and then notice a haze above the lions’ head. As you look closer, you see that there are other heads around his head.

And they all seem to be talking to each other, twittering away, but you can’t hear what they are saying.

The Lion looks back and you and says. I” have consulted my guides, and we are perplexed as to how you got in here. There seems to have been some lapse in the forest portal protocol.”

“They have advised me to continue with section 28 of the book of lies, just to be sure that you are in fact telling the truth. Then we will see what is really happening here” , he says in more of a warning tone now.

‘I really meant no harm”, you say.

“Tell me, why are you here,” the lion asks you.

“What brought you here today ?”

So you tell him the story from the beginning, about you being so unhappy in all aspects of your life. That almost nothing was working out as you had hoped or planned, and that as soon as you had got to where you thought you wanted to be in life you hated it.

You weren’t quite sure, why this was of relevance to him, or if he was even that interests, but his head and all the other heads kept nodding, as if what you are saying was of grave interest, so you continue with your life tale, right up to the moment that you got here.

You hoped that you had remembered to tell them everything, but you could not be sure. As you were recounting the last part of the tale of getting into the whirlpool, there was a crackling on the other side of you.

You look around and see an old man, who looks Japanese sat on a large stone staring at you menacingly. He has a huge sword, and he’s incredibly ugly. So ugly that you don’t want to really look at him, so you look back at the lion with the 7 heads and ask them who the man is?

“That’s Shinto. He’s a demon hunter. He appears when there are demons to hunt, and so you must be carrying a demon.”

Oh my god you think. Now I am going to be killed, by a Japanese hunter. Stop, says the lion and slams his foot down.

No need for panic. He will not exorcize your demons unless he is authorised by you, the lion says formally.

“You mean I have a choice ?”  you say relieved

“Of course,”, mutters the lion. “Everything is a choice, ultimately.”

“Tell us, do you have great anger and pain in your stomach? Do you feel so angry that you do not know what to do?” The lion asks, sounding like a therapist

“Well yes you say. I just told you the story of my screaming in the fields. I have so much anger and I really do not know why. It scares me and it scares everyone else.”

“Yes, I thought so. We can all see it glowing within you. The river of passion stirs up the energies, so that we can see them in the body. This is how we heal.

“Perhaps it’s time that we spoke to you rather more honestly. You have a big choice to make now. This is probably a huge life decision for you. Perhaps one, that you may never get to make again.”

I will list your choices for you, and then you can choose path A or path B.

“There is only two choices? You ask, shocked.

Yes, only two.

“Path A, the demon hunter Shinto will exorcize your demons. That means he will remove them from your body. You can go back to where you came from a much calmer person and carry on with your life, just the way it was, albeit less angry.”

“This portal will be closed to you, as will all the other portals and the magic and what you have seen today will be erased from your mind. You will go back to the mundane world, through the door and unless you are invited back, you cannot walk through into another world or realm again. Once you have rejected the spirits, they don’t always want to take a second chance on you.”

“Or there is path B. Path B is the path of the unknown. The path of untold mysteries, magic and excitement. It’s a labyrinth, a maze. You don’t know where you are going, and you may never get to the centre.”

“But along the way you will have the opportunity to play with your demons, to transmute them to alchemise them. They are mad you see, because you subdue them and keep shutting them down. What they want is to com out and be in the magic with the wood nymphs and the fairies.  They want song, dance, poetry, painting. They don’t want the mundane, they want the magical.”

“But just like with path A, if you chose Path B, you have already stepped into this portal, which means that you can’t step back into path A. If you chose path B, path A will literally go up in smoke. Your old life will disappear. Your Life path will be re-written and what was before, will not exist. There will be no way back.”

“It’s your choice Madame, Path A of the mundane of before, or path B of the untold magic?”

You sit there stunned. It seems like a lifetime opportunity, but it seems like something from a fairy story. You wish you could believe him, and you have a thousand questions, there’s nothing forming and coming out of your mouth.

You hear the heads twittering again. The lion begins to speak again.

“Madame, did you find a golden chalice and drink from it by any chance, from the stream up above ?”

“Yes”, you say. “It was a lucky find. I must have forgotten to mention that.”

“Ah ha” says the lion. Mystery solved. You watch the heads all start twittering and moving around erratically in great excitement.

“It appears as if you have already chosen the path”, says the lion. “And now we know how you got in here, past the fairy security at the portal gate.”

“That is a sacred chalice. Thousands of years old. If you drink from that chalice, you are given the holy gift. And in partaking of that holy gift, means that you now must take path B, through the enchanted labyrinth.”

“You have been chosen Madame, and so you must start your mission. Failure to comply means certain death. Death of the heart and of the soul. And trust me, you cannot lead a happy life without those. Then you are just an empty vessel”.

“Bear with us for just a few moments, while I call upon the fairies to get your backpack. We will fill it with strength, courage, power and creativity for you. And that should be enough to get you through the labyrinth of time.”

“We will see you, when we see you.”

And with that, he was off. And you are still laying in the pool, knowing that your life changed in an instant and that it will never be the same again.

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Additional Info:

This is Part 1 of a story, that came to me as I stepped into the XI Lust, Tarot card from the Thoth deck. Like the other stories I have written it came in as a movie or a vision. I thought it would be a complete story, but as I dived into the card another two days in a row, the story continued, until there were three parts.

This card of XI Lust in the Thoth deck or strength in the Raider Waite is about embracing your animal side, your dark side, your demons. Passion and lust is linked to raw power, creativity and courage to act out those elements in your daily life, not being bound by your fears or your demons.

Passion or lust is not only about sexual energy. The place where that physically sits on the body is the sacral Chakra, which is also the place of creativity and of joy.

I’m Zoe Langman, a 45-year-old welsh Nomad. On December 19th, 2017, I packed up my flat, put all my essentials into a suitcase, and started my Nomadic Journey. I don't think it's ever too late to reinvent or redesign your life.

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  • HI. I came here to read your story after you commented on my Youtube video. It’s hard for me to tell if the place in my video is similar to the one in your story, but I like finding places which have a mystical feeling about them, and I think there’s something particularly magical about waterfalls and pools in forests. I tried to capture that in the video. You might like to see a couple of other ones which I’ve done:

    • Thanks for taking a look Tim. I found yours by chance. Maybe it’s real, and maybe not, but I like to think i’ll find it one day. I’ll take a look at your others. Thanks for sharing them. I’m totally with you on the waterfalls and pools in forests, and forests in general. Full of magic and fairies.

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