The Ultimate Junjungan Restaurant Guide for solo women

I am in the process of writing an ultimate guide to Jungjungan in Bali for solo women and this ongoing restaurant guide is a part of it. Right now it’s small, but I’m adding to it daily. Jungjungan is a small town, just a few kilometres north of Ubud, Bali It’s away from the major tourist trail, so you won’t get the extremely annoying “Taxi” being shouted every 2 minutes. It’s small, it’s friendly and it’s perfect for the solo women traveller that wants to relax, but also walk about and see the countryside and have some places to eat and visit. I’ve been staying here for quite a while now and absolutely love it here, so I decided to share my top tips, secret tips and hidden & not so hidden delights.

I’m currently on a creative sabbatical right now, so finding new restaurants that I can eat and chill in and feel comfortable on my own, is one of my daily highlights.

Before you read my reviews, you should probably know how I’m rating the restaurants, as our taste may or may not be the same. Look at my loose criteria below and if you would assess a restaurant in a similar way, then my reviews will be helpful. And you never know, maybe we will cross paths one day. If so, do come and say hello. This blog is still very new, so to meet someone who has read it would make my day, well probably my month!

What I look for in Restaurants

The consultant in me never dies, I can’t help benchmarking, so I’ve created a loose key of my criteria, and how I rate. Remember that the food here in Bali is made fresh so if you like very spicy or not spicy, you can ask for it. They really don’t mind.

The Food – I like tasty, medium to strongly spicy, fresh if possible organic and I don’t like processed or reheated food (at all). You won’t catch me adding ketchup or mayo, although I do like soya sauce. I do like western food, but I am not a fish and chips, sandwiches or burgers kind of girl. So the Balianses food is perfect for me.

The Drinks – I don’t drink alcohol in Bali anymore. The wine gives me hangovers and the beer makes me bloated. I stick to strong black coffee, jasmine tea, coconuts and fresh juices and litres of water.

The Energy – you might call this ambience, but I call it energy. It’s how does the place make me feel. Do I feel relaxed or stressed, is it quiet or is the sound of motorbikes and the road too loud, is the music relaxing or encroaching…? Are they happy for me to sit or is it an eat or get out the type of place?

The Comfort – maybe I’m getting old, but I struggle to find places that have comfortable chairs. I take my time here, so if the seating is comfortable, that’s an extra bonus.

The Design – In this I include the design of the place, which is of course very subjective. I love quirky and creative and plenty of colour – pastel or bright.  The cleanliness and the toilet facilities, which is something that is massively overlooked here.

Solo Dining – I am travelling alone, so unless I state I was with a friend, I am alone. I am always looking to see if I feel comfortable alone.


I’ve listed them by price. This is based on a breakfast, lunch or dinner. And of course, I paid for all my food, so the reviews are objective.

Price Range

£ – under 50,000

££ 50,000 – £100,000

£££ 100,000 – 150,000

££££ – Expensive

Bali Pure – The perfect fresh healthy breakfast spot

Address:  Jl. Tirta Tawar, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Price £

This place is delightful. It’s like an exotic blend of greengrocer, deli & café mixed into one. I only wish it was closer to where I was staying as I would be in there every day. It has so much to look at and has a really nice energy with welcoming and friendly vibe.  They have heaps of jams (confiture de Bali), cheese’s, fruit and so on. The food offering is based on their fruit, which you can pick or they will, for your fruit bowls or drinks. I had a fruit bowl, with my favourite fruits, with added granola and & yoghurt, yum. I’m sure it’s no fresher than anywhere else, but the fact that you see them choose it for you and hear them chop it gives it a more personal handmade & super fresh feel. Felt like a real treat, and as you see from the pictures it’s not expensive at all.  This is simplicity done perfectly. Sell what you are good at and not everything under the sun!

Other things of note: They do deliveries and have loads of fresh coconuts!

AA Juicery (Vegan & Vegetarian)   – Great Fresh Balanise Salad

Address Jl. Tirta Tawar, Petulu, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Price ££

I ordered dinner, but really fancied eggs (which was a breakfast meal), so I had an omelette and toast (which was huge), coconut and the Balinese salad. The omelette I’m afraid was nothing to write home about, but the potatoes it came with were yummy. I think the omelette, needed salt & perhaps some more garlic, but the salad was exceptionally good & very fresh.

I really liked the energy here. It was quiet upstairs away from the traffic, nicely designed with the murals, bird cages and the relaxing water feature. The staff were incredibly friendly and stopped for a chat. I even read tarot for one of the girls, which was fun. There was a very feminine vibe, so it’s perfect for solo travellers.

The big downside was the toilet, which was next store in the laundry and just was not clean. Very strange. I did not ask why it’s called AA Juicery, I’m assuming it’s nothing to do with Alcoholics Anonymous.

Other things to note: I’ll be going back to try the breakfast, so await an update…






I’m Zoe Langman, a 45-year-old welsh Nomad. On December 19th, 2017, I packed up my flat, put all my essentials into a suitcase, and started my Nomadic Journey. I don't think it's ever too late to reinvent or redesign your life.

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