Ultimate Guide to Resturants in Junjungan Ubud for Solo Females

Image of the breakfast at the Madani Antique Villas, Junjungan, Bali

This is an ongoing and ever-expanding guide to the restaurants in Junjungan and close by, created for solo women travelling around Bali.  Jungjungan is a small town, just a few kilometres north of Ubud, Bali.  I’ve been staying in Junjungan for almost 2 months on my DIY writing and creative sabbatical and I  absolutely love it, so I decided to share my top tips, plus the hidden and not so hidden foodie secrets so you consider it as part of your Bali trip. Perhaps like me you’ll fall in love with it and decide to stay a little longer.

I’m currently on a creative sabbatical right now, so finding local new restaurants in and near Junjungan that I can eat chill in and feel comfortable on my own, is one of my daily highlights.

Before you read my reviews, you should probably know how I’m rating the restaurants, as our taste may or may not be the same. Look at my criteria below and if you would assess a restaurant in a similar way, then my reviews will be helpful. And you never know, maybe we will cross paths one day. If so, do come and say hello. This blog is still new, so to meet someone who has read it would make my day, well probably my month!

And of course these restaurants are not only for solo women, but they pass my solo women test 🙂

What I look for in Restaurants

The consultant in me never dies, so I can’t help benchmarking and making a list of criteria to score by. Remember that the food here in Bali is made fresh so if you like very spicy or not spicy, you can ask for it. They really don’t mind.

The Food – I like tasty, medium to strongly spicy, fresh if possible organic and I don’t like processed or reheated food (at all). You won’t catch me adding ketchup or mayo, although I do like soya sauce. I do like western food, but I am not a fish and chips, sandwiches or burgers kind of girl. So the Balinese food is perfect for me.

The Drinks – I don’t drink alcohol in Bali anymore. The wine gives me hangovers and the beer makes me bloated. I stick to strong black coffee, jasmine tea, coconuts,  fresh juices and litres of water.

The Energy – you might call this ambience, but I call it energy. It’s how does the place make me feel. Do I feel relaxed or stressed ?  is it quiet or is the sound of motorbikes and the road too loud ?  is the music relaxing or encroaching…? Are they happy for me to sit or is it an eat or get out type of place? What’s the energy of the staff like?

The Comfort – maybe I’m getting old, but I struggle to find places that have comfortable chairs. I take my time here, so if the seating is comfortable, that’s an extra bonus.

The Design – In this I include the design of the place, which is of course very subjective. I love quirky and creative and plenty of colour – pastel or bright.  The cleanliness and the toilet facilities, which is something that is massively overlooked here is a huge plus for me.

Timing – I prefer to walk everywhere, rather than drive a bike or take bike taxis, so I am visiting these places in daylight and often when it’s quiet. My trips to the restaurants are for breakfast and then I have a very late lunch normally at 4 pm/ 5 pm to cover lunch and dinner.

Solo Dining – I am travelling alone, so unless I state I was with a friend, I am alone. I am always looking for places to feel comfortable dining alone, which is fundamental if you are travelling/living solo.

Price Range

£ under 50,000 Rupiah

££ 50,000 – £100,000 Rupiah

£££ 100,000 – 150,000 Rupiah

££££ – 150,000 – upwards of Rupiah

AA Juicery (Vegan & Vegetarian)   – Great Fresh Balinese Salad

Address: JL Tirta Tawar, Bali, 80571  

On the road from Junjungan to Ubud. 30 mins walk 

Price ££

I ordered dinner, but really fancied eggs (which was a breakfast meal), so I had an omelette and toast (which was huge), coconut and the Balinese salad. The omelette I’m afraid was nothing to write home about, but the potatoes it came with were yummy. I think the omelette, needed salt & perhaps some more garlic, but the salad was exceptionally good & very fresh. To update on the eggs situation, I was informed by a chef recently that the eggs in the Uk, are exceptionally good, so I must not compare them with the local eggs.

I really liked the energy here. It was quiet upstairs away from the traffic, nicely designed with the murals, bird cages and the relaxing water feature. The staff were incredibly friendly and stopped for a chat. I even read tarot for one of the girls, which was fun. There was a very feminine vibe, so it’s perfect for solo travellers.

The big downside was the toilet, which was next store in the laundry and just was not clean. Very strange. I did not ask why it’s called AA Juicery, I’m assuming it’s nothing to do with Alcoholics Anonymous. This restaurant is a good 30 mins walk from Jungjungan.

I’ll be going back to try the breakfast, so await an update…

Bali Pure – The perfect fresh healthy breakfast spot

Address:  Jl. Tirta Tawar, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571 

On the road from Junjungan to Ubud. 28 mins walk 

Price £

This place is delightful. It’s like an exotic blend of greengrocer, deli & café mixed into one. I only wish it was closer to where I was staying as I would be in there every day. It has so much to look at and has a really good energy with welcoming and friendly vibe.  They have heaps of jams (confiture de Bali), cheese’s, fruit and so on. The food offering is based on their fruit, which you can pick or they will, for your fruit bowls or drinks. I had a fruit bowl, with my favourite fruits, with added granola and & yoghurt, yum. I’m sure it’s no fresher than anywhere else, but the fact that you see them choose it for you and hear them chop it gives it a more personal handmade & super fresh feel. Felt like a real treat, and as you see from the pictures it’s not expensive at all.  This is simplicity done perfectly.

Watch the 360 Video of Bali Pure


Café Bintang – Good Food & Good Vibe

Address:  Jalan Suweta, Ubud, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

To the left of Junjungan – 30 mins walk ( a pretty walk) 

Price ££

I ended up here by change after heading for another restaurant and not finding it. I walked and walked and ended up here. Probably a good 30 mins walk from Junjugan I would stay.  It was a beautiful walk, with lots of jungle and a really lovely temple on the way. I did come across a rather nasty dog though by Cafe Nyoman, so be careful. Café Bintang was empty until another very nice Dutch lady arrived, and we had a great chat, so I really enjoyed my dinner. The restaurant is actually really big, and it looks out on to the rice fields and the back of the Pyramids of Chi. I did not have the Japanese food this time, but I did have the Nasi Goreng special and it was really good. I would definitely come back here. I had a great ride home with one of the guys who worked there, so you can walk there and grab a lift back.

Honai Restaurant – Breezy, Beautiful Restaurant with lovely staff

Address l. Sri Wedari, Tegallantang, Ubud, Gianyar, 80571

Price: ££££


I have late breakfasts, I must admit. I tend more towards the 12 pm than 7 am so when I arrived after 11 am they were closed. A few pleading looks and disappointment on my face, they checked to see if they had what I wanted and opened for me, which was very sweet of them. They were very accommodating and super friendly, but then this is a high-end resort, so they are probably highly trained.

The energy in here feels really good, even though the design is more on the masculine side. I was especially seduced by the giant masks they have littered throughout the property, which I was told were created by one of the employees.

I chose a set breakfast of dragon fruit & banana smoothie bowl which came with another fruit bowl, toast juice and coffee. The coffee really was excellent. The smoothie bowl could have been a bit thicker, with a bit more granola, but it was a beautiful dish.

I felt very comfortable alone, overlooking the rice fields. This is certainly the perfect place to take yourself on a date, be that breakfast or for dinner. Only thing I would change would be a pot of coffee with breakfast, as an extra cup of black coffee was 28k, which I thought was steep, but then I’m on a budget and not on holiday any more.

Downstairs they also have a coffee bar, which is very cool, a spa, plus a massive yoga shala, where they offer yoga and sound healing. There are also complete retreats on offer.

Labak Sari – Beautiful Location, Beautiful food & Beautiful people

Address:  Jl. Tirta Tawar, Br. Abangan, 80571, Ubud 80571, Ubud, Tegallalang, Gianyar, Bali 80571

North of Jungjungan – less than a 10-minute walk 

Price £

This place really is a hidden gem, although if you look them up on Trip Advisor, you’ll see that they are not quite so unknown. They are situated down a little lane, looking on to rice fields, so there’s very little noise from motorbikes or the road.

It’s very peaceful & they have an incredibly welcoming, almost loving energy there. You can really feel it. The food is prepared with this same love from how they display it, to the taste,  to the polite and friendly way the waitresses serve it.  The green mango salad tastes like you’ve swallowed freshness itself. It’s an intoxicating zingy mix, that you can literally feel purifying you, as it glides down. The turmeric chicken and salad were wonderful too. The only thing I did not like was the desert. The banana was too fresh and the pancake was rubbery.

The restaurant design is creative and clean and blends beautifully with the environment. Almost so much so, that you could easily drive past. Cute little signs, a lovely water display and they have even taken the time to label the trees so you know what they are. You can see that they really care about their restaurant and the people that visit them. Definitely, a must visit.

Other things to note: I heard the black rice pudding is amazing, so I will go back for that!

Ojas Prana Café and Restaurant – Outstanding Smoothie Bowls

Address:  Jl. Tirta Tawar, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

North of Junjungan – About a 15-minute walk 


I found this place by chance. I had gone for a walk, stumbled upon the Ashram Munivara and then met a lovely American Kundalini teacher who recommended it. I think I’ve been back 5 times within the last week already for breakfast and lunch. The smoothie bowl is the highlight for me, with berries, mango, granola and peanut butter. It’s part of the Ashram next door led by the enigmatic and very funny Sri Jaya Sakti. I’m not sure if I should mention the word orgasmic, next to a holy shrine, but that smoothie bowl did it for me. However, I will add that they teach tantric kundalini to awaken your lower chakras at the Ashram and at the Om Ham Resort opposite, so I suspect that the smoothies fit into their lower chakra awakening plan too!

This place has a very friendly, great energy about it and it’s got a very feminine vibe. In fact, I think I have only ever seen women in there. It’s the kind of place, that you can while away hours and they really don’t seem to mind.  The décor is pretty cool and has a somewhat bizarre water feature at the back, which is comforting against the noise of the traffic. The traffic noise is my only negative about this place, it is very loud in there. If they could do something to block or deaden the noise, it would bring this place up to the next level. Oh and bonus points for nice clean toilet facilities too!


Warung Bintang Bali  – Fantastic for fresh and clean Organic Veggie dishes

Address:  Jl. Tirta Tawar No.158, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Price ££

About an 5 minute walk from Junjungan on the road to Ubud 

I really like the veggie food here. It’s super fresh, organic (they grow it themselves) and they do a lot of fantastic vegetable dishes. My Mums Terong is probably my favourite, along with the veggie Nasi Campur.  Super friendly staff and the one waitress makes me want to learn Bahasa as she strikes me as a very funny person, but alas my language is limited, so we just laugh and smile a lot.

It has a beautiful view of the rice fields if you sit upstairs and is chill, although I do tend to eat and go here quite fast. Something about it makes it not a chill out place for me. Maybe it’s the uncomfortable chairs, I’m not sure. So, I’d say fantastic for a quick stop on your way through somewhere, but it’s not a loll around, spend a couple of hours type place.

Warung d’Carik – Super friendly & Lovely food

Address:  Jl. Sri Wedari, Ubud, Kec. Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Price £

In Junjugan vicinity 

I’ve been to this place a couple of times now and I really like it. You can either sit in the restaurant or go up on the platform and sit in the little huts and eat. You can look out over the rice fields and watch the ducks or the men tending to the rice fields. Every time I’ve been there it’s only been me, so it’s super quiet and they are happy for you to chill out. It is a very basic place, and I have not used the toilet facilities there, but the food is always fresh and as far as I make out they make it  to order. I did order the seafood curry with prawns and tuna and was presented with just one prawn, so I have not returned to that dish. I just kept with the basic ones since I’ve been back as they represent better value for money. The food is very tasty though and the family are lovely. Make sure you try the fried banana, with chocolate flakes and ice cream, it’s delicious.




If you found this guide useful, please do share it so that other solo travelling women may be able to find restaurants and cafes that they can feel comfortable in too.

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