London resident to Digital Nomad in 60 days

Big Ben - Matt Crump

There’s a saying that goes “if you are tired of London, you are tired of life”. A phrase which has kept many a person in the capital, probably a little too long and possibly stopped them from starting their travelling, digital nomad or remote working dream. It’s true that there are endlessly amazing things to do, places to eat, people to meet and places to visit. However, if you’ve lived and worked in London for any time at all, you

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Lifestyle ReDesign: Consultant to creating employee happiness

Karina Brown from Gro Happy

Meet Karina, inspirational co-founder of employee happiness start-up GroHappy. Karina was a consultant at EY, and as you’ll read about in this interview she left and started her own blossoming company with her co-founder Jim.  I’m a huge fan of what they are creating and I would advise any company with employees to take a look at their software. As we all know, beanbags and beer are passé, next level companies are looking at providing employees with growth and emotional

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Super simple goal setting for perfectionists (anti goal goals)

I said to myself that I was not going to write a post on goals, as so many people write posts on goals and quite frankly there’s enough of them. However, after having seen a bunch of posts on both Linkedin and Facebook, and seeing how massively complicated people are making these things, I decided that I would write one. This is the simple way I’ve been doing it for the last 5 years. Hopefully, it might help you, as

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