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A poem inspires us to ask for help when we feel like we are drowning

Nandi Helps

Asking for help 
Her throat filled with kelp 
Drawing in shallow water 
She’s someone's daughter 

The wind sweeps through 
It sweeps itself over this body turning blue 
The water is ice cold 
She lies there feeling her life unfold

There’s misery 
In her history 
A fear of being seen 
Her desire to live in a dream 

For the world is a harsh place 
The endless shadow of disgrace 
She feels so alone
No one to hear her groan

The crabs walk gently over her feet 
The vultures circle, waiting for her life to retreat 
The moon is almost full 
She’s observed by the bull 

Nandi she cries 
Help fix my eyes 
Help me to see 
This world is not just full of misery 

The bull swishes his tall
He runs to tell the tale 
To speak into his master's ear 
His master agrees, he vows to make her eyes clear 

For Shiva will always fulfil 
A human's pure will 
But what he will not seed 
Is human greed 

Written by Zoe LL 

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