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The Broken Heart

Do you feel broken ?
Cut wide open ?
Like a glacier that never reached its peak 
Electric tears that melt you, as you weep 

I see your barren land 
I really want to hold your hand 
I know your heart cries 
I observe your collapsing thighs 

I see right through you 
Into the crystalline hues 
I know your temptation points 
The oil you use to anoint 

I hear you breathe 
As you sink to your knees 
Praying for these feelings to end 
The desire to descend 

It’s hard 
To feel the glacial shards 
This I know 
As painful as this is, it’s how you grow 

Written by Zoe Langman 23.07.2023

On the evening before Venus descended into the underworld

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