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Destination Turquoise Lake

From thyself you run 
Through the fields 
Away from what could yield 

A freight train pulls in 
The driver grins 
“All aboard”,  he shouts 
You have no idea, if you should get on, so much doubt 

You jump on the train 
And ask him to explain 
All he says is “where to ?”
God, you wish you knew 

“No idea”
No idea where to go from here 
“You can choose your route”
Says the driver, in his official suit 

Your mind is blank 
Like you’ve been hit by a tank 
So many possibilities 
It feels like too much responsibility 

Time ticks on 
There’s a pond and you watch the swan 
You ponder on what you would do 
If you saw your world, through the swans view 

Where would she go ?
With her signets in tow 
Where would they fly ?
You imagine in your minds eye 

A vista starts to appear
All of a sudden it becomes so clear 
You ask him to take you to the turquoise lake 
“And make it fast , with no mistakes” 

You tell him to go straight there 
Not around in a planetary square 
But direct 
It’s time to begin your new project 

Written by Zoe Langman 26th July 2023 

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