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Hello and thank you for visiting my profile. I’m Zoe, born in Cardiff, Wales. I’ve lived and travelled all over the world and am now back in the UK, after my last large travelling stint in Bali and India.

The Business Self

For most of my adult life, I’ve supported multinationals and SMEs to launch products into the retail channel with a focus on EMEA. I’ve worked in marketing, advertising, business strategy, business development, and consulting. If you put all of those different elements together, really they are all about relationship management and communication.

The Spiritual & Creative Self Experiment

However in 2017 I accepted that it was time for a change, so in 2018 I literally packed everything up, turned off social media and writing on this blog and went to live in Bali and India on a creative sabbatical. I decided I needed space, time and peace away from the western world, to get a little lost and to find out more about creativity.

In May 2018, I gave up alcohol, nicotine and anti depressants, while I was living in Bali. All the same day. I don’t think I would recomend this to anyone, unless they are in a supportive environment, but it was the right thing for me, as it was time for me to face my demons, and at the same time dive into a new world.

I was open-minded about what I would learn and naturally I’m very curious, so I experimented. Reiki, women’s circles, business circles, tarot reading, poetry, magical story writing, breathwork, and musical therapy. Some of these skills, I ended up teaching and mentoring, in both one-to-one and group formats.

I did not advertise or talk about it on social media, I just allowed and surrendered to who and what was supposed to happen. Again to tie the many threads together, the core of what I learned , away from the west , was deep listening to myself and others without judging. And more importantly to be able to hold space for people to show up, open up and be themselves. To lean into their authenticity, and creativity.

The Life-Changing Accident / The Shift

In 2020 I had a near-fatal accident in India during COVID, which left me with a left brain injury. The damage is in the area of language, emotions, memory and expression. Now, 3.5 years later, I have gone from not being able to remember my name, speak or read properly to being about 85% functional in terms of information processing and communication. The brain is a magical element, it adapts, when it’s supported. Which is one of the reasons that I channel and write so many poems, as it helps me to emotionally process and accept what’s going on for me personally and in the collective.

Learning Acceptance & The Breakthroughs

My intention when healing from this accident was acceptance. Acceptance not just of the accident, but acceptance of how life can change at any moment. Acceptance of reality now on planet earth. Our goals and expectations often don’t go to plan, and things come in the way. There can be frustration, anger and many other emotions.

Acceptance of change can be very difficult when we live in the western world with a heavy focus on careers, profit and linear achievements (left brain), especially when we are able to tap into our creative and emotional right brain. Balancing both of those hemispheres is not easy, and some say it takes several lifetimes of devoted practice.

This website is an exploration and experimentation of finding harmony while living in both those worlds, inside and outside.

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