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Is it Going to be Okay ?

Is it going to be okay ?
Will they arrive at the wrong time of day 
What can go wrong ?
What a disempowering song 

It’s a crisis managers delight 
1000 ways to survive fright 
All the potential misdeeds 
Driven by the need for it to just be 

Just be exactly as I wish 
Served up on a beautiful dish 
When it’s exactly right for me 
So I can live life on my time so wonderfully 

What is on time ?
Where is this hard line ?
This is exactly as it should be 
Not this waiting, and feeling like i’m stung by a bee 

Looks like another round of learning patience to go 
It’s so clear, I know 
Exasperation breeds
It hurts my knees 

I wish I could just let it go 
But my angry feelings just grow 
This deep desire for organisation 
Leads me down the path of frustration 

What a terrible waste of time 
I’m breathing frustration like a dragon in vengeful lust for a crime 
If they don’t hurry up 
I might burn this house down with one puff 

And so I laugh
What a farce 
What a waste of stress 
The council workers are probably drinking tea and having a rest 

Zoe Langman, written 24.07.2023 

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