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Your Pleasure Ceiling

Your pleasure ceiling 
Are you dreaming ? 
Denial of sacred rites 
A desire to take flight 

Fear of holding space 
For your own grace 
Fear to dive right in 
Allow yourself to spin 

To lose control 
To allow yourself to touch your soul 
To feel this ecstatic holy place 
To allow yourself grace 

Can you take a deep dive 
And allow yourself to thrive 
Awaken your body 
Let go of all these feelings of being shoddy 

Where is your pleasure centre ? 
Is it buried beneath your temper ? 
Can you allow yourself to dive deep 
Feel the point where you wish to retreat ? 

Feel into the pleasure ceiling 
Let go and allow the wild and wonderful dreaming 
For this is the point 
You need to mystically anoint 

Written by Zoe Langman 31.07.2023 
A stripped floor

Stripped of Pleasure

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