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Fear to Feel

Clouding over the wound 
The lost bride, lusting over the bridegroom 
Still waters run deep 
For what do you seek ? 

Stimulation overload 
No resting in your inner abode 
Always doing 
No time for stewing 

Resistance to feel 
The pain and what it might yield 
Layered over seclusion 

Solitude is a gift 
It can be a delicious dish 
But loneliness feels like a crime 
An ever longing lonely time 

So we fill up 
Fill our cups 
With wine 
As a substitute for the divine 

We are always on 
We believe it will never take long 
Slave to the hustle 
The hustle and bustle 

No patience to seek 
Too much frustration to sink in deep 
Sometimes sitting in disappointment
Can be the well needed ointment 

Learning to really feel 
Can recapitalise our zeal 
Ignite our zest 
When we really feel into the depth of our distress 

Written by Zoe Langman 

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