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Pleasure and Pain

Pleasure and pain 
Likes arrows shooting through your veins 
What will you become ?
When you no longer run ?

Feel what’s coming alive ?
What energies wish to thrive ?
Where does it hurt ?
To what do you wish to give birth ?

When shame hits the veins 
The idea of creation becomes insane 
The head starts to spin 
Perhaps you lock into the idea of “it’s a sin”

The power to live 
The power to give 
Give yourself life 
Not ongoing strife 

What spiders threads do you need to unpick 
What lollies should you no longer lick ?
Where do you need to let go ?
And accept what you know 

Truth unfolds in time 
Lessons come from untangling old vines 
Not all wine is pure 
Even though it holds allure 

Written by Zoe Langman 24.07.2023
A stripped floor

Stripped of Pleasure

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