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The Trauma Eclipse

Pleasure block 
Hardwired, solid as a rock 
The river of feelings doesn’t flow 
You are holding on to what you know 

Practical ideas 
Sometimes need to be cut with garden shears 
For you can entrance 
With a single glance 

Allow your imagination to run wild 
Hold on tight to your inner child 
For the magic is within 
Let go of what you believe is sin 

Creates disdain
A mistrust of the self 
A cutting off, when it hits twelve 

Time to set pleasure free 
So you can love her unconditionally 
She lives in you 
She is you, through and through 

I see your misbelief 
Clouded in grief 
I see your desire to go to the ball 
To enthral 

It’s a trauma eclipse 
Barricading your greatest wish 
Patience dear one 
Soon you will unlock your sun 

Written by Zoe Langman 23.07.2023

A stripped floor

Stripped of Pleasure

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