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A Poem About The Confusion of Losing Time

Lost Time “Taken” by Mr Sublime

Tick Tock said the clock 
Who stole the time from me, I am the clock? 
Where did it go? Does anyone really know? 

Who played their part? 
Who sowed the seed? 
Who stole my time & committed the wicked deed? 
Who’s just sat there eating my time with greed? 

That time, which tasted divine 
How could I lose my own time ? 
Lose where it is 
I'm in a total tis

I'm a clock, confused by the sublime 
Who’s committing this horrific crime? 
And who even is this Mr Sublime? 
Is he a creation of my clock mind? 

The circles within my clock brain 
Round & around & around my membrane 
He's inside the labyrinth 
He’s running around it jabbering   

Fractals of space 
That lost their place 
Trying to find their way back to grace 
They just keep losing the race 

How can I rescue my time ?
How can I recreate my clock mind ?
Why do I feel lost in time ?
I'm just sat waiting for the landmine of Mr Sublime 

Perhaps it's time
To forget this lost time 
To restructure my clock mind 
And live life in earth time 

Send Mr sublime on his way 
Allow him to feel dismay 
His job is finished here 
It's time to conquer a new fronteer 

Poem by Zoe LL 

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