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Unlocking the Barbie Armour

The Circle begins again 
Around, and around she goes again 
I know you wish to get off 
Just drink the cappuccino froth 

Reside in a calm space 
In elegant coffee shops, sipping with grace 
But then the fire rages up 
Like a volcano wishing to erupt 

It burns for a while 
I see your frozen smile 
A beautiful barbie doll face 
Hiding a deep feeling of distaste 

The outside 
Disguising the pain inside 
The perfect life
Curated, so no one sees your strife 

Holding on 
So tightly to your idea of wrong 
Your shamed heart turns black 
Darkened by your self attack 

Breathe in breathe out 
Allow yourself to shout 
Allow the fire 
To burn the old on the funeral pyre 

See the lies that need to die 
Watch them as they float past your eyes 
Breathe in and breath out 
Feel into your power, for yes, you can shout 

Written by Zoe Langman, 23.07.2023 

A stripped floor

Stripped of Pleasure

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