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The Cage of Incubation

Like a wild cat in a cage 
Drugged and dazed 
No will to get out 
Not able to shout 

No energy to attack 
As if she were rolled up in a sack 
No battle to get loose 
So tightly tied is her noose 

She’s bound 
To the humbling ground 
A sacred space 
A gilded race 

To learn 
Even though she yearns 
Each day to be more free 
Desire to be limitless and burning with glee 

But this time 
Trapped within the bounds of the divine 
It’s not an outside job 
Nor is it pressure from the mob 

It’s an energy cage 
To which sometimes we are enslaved 
To learn
Even though we yearn 

Accept the cage that is a cradle 
Imagine you are lying in a stable 
Newly born 
A horse with a mystical horn 

You are free 
With a rainbow light that enriches thee 
But you still need to learn 
Where to magnify your energy and discern 

Wild or mystical beast 
It’s always yourself you great 
Day and night 
Even when those demons have you in fright 

While you are incubating 
You are not stagnating 
You are learning to just be 
To live harmoniously 

Written by Zoe Langman 03.08.2023
A stripped floor

Stripped of Pleasure

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