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Rejection sneaks up 
You hold it tightly in your cup 
Filled to the brim 
Burdened by the idea, that you just can’t win 

A life alone 
Pain so deep it cuts your bones 
Walking through your own graveyard 
Observing body parts unguarded and scared

There are pieces of you everywhere 
Even small strands of your hair 
Broken apart 
With the fury of emotional darts 

It’s night 
You’re filled with fright 
You watch your parts 
Filled with wooden darts

They just lie there 
Like there’s no more will to care 
Residing in their fate 
Filled with shards of hate 

No power to grow 
No vision to see the rainbow 
The dark lands 
Where you feel no one understands 

written by Zoe Langman 23.07.2023
A stripped floor

Stripped of Pleasure

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