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A Poem About The Emotional Distress and Looming Deadlines

The Deadline

Processing the pain 
The emotions that rain 
Sending trouble everywhere 
There, and there and there 

The river flows
She knows
That the flow will expose 
What’s hidden right under her nose 

For what will be 
Will be 
Patterns born from the family tree
Even when she pleas and says please

She carries the emotional pain 
When it rains 
She feels the drain 
The blood running through her veins 

Decisions come hard
Only when her neck is pressed against the glass shard 
In her pursuit of deadlines
The world fills with crime 

Anxiety creeps 
The closer the deadlines creep 
But she’s frozen in time 
Praying for half time 

She needs to go step by step 
Fill herself with motivational pep 
One by one 
She will get the job done 

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