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Dancing in the Black Hole of Your Soul

Dancing in the Black Hole of Your Soul I’m sucked in, spiralling along the waves of love Addicted to the power that lies within you Almost like a magnetic vortex, I’m blindly pulled down Deeper and deeper into your cavernous deapths Have I reached the bottom? It’s dark, I’m blinded, I can’t see Who is me & who is you? We are alone in the black hole of your soul Where do you end and I begin? I can’t feel

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Sowing The Seeds of Love

You are sitting in a field on the earth. It’s being plowed by a huge yellow combine harvester. Up and down the massive machine goes, churning up the fields and exposing the roots, stones, and worms from below. Round and round the field it travels, over and over churning the land up. You feel really small and inconsequential in comparison to the huge machine ploughing away. Tiny. Like a speck with little power. You look beyond the field and into

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The Demons and their Malevolent Seeds of Judgement

A story about emotional abuse, how it runs through family lines and one way of stopping it

The sun catches the gold you are using to paint the backdrop of a new series of artworks you dreamed up last week. They dropped into your mind one Sunday. Manifestations of powerful priestesses displayed on canvases in streaks of abstract form. Painting is quite new for you, but as soon as you put paint to paper, the power of playing with the color breezed such a warm, rich golden feeling of love into you, that you wanted to keep

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How To Improve Your Self-Esteem By Being Creative

Balinese creative offering taken in a Bali temple

Self-esteem and self-love seem to be all over the media at the moment, a lot of it centered around the damaging effects that the highly visual and perfection driven social media channel Instagram can have on your health. Even if you are not really interested in Instagram, I still think that the more we talk about self-esteem the better it will be for us individually and for society. It’s still somewhat of a difficult and incredibly vulnerable thing to express

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A Creative sabbatical, what is it? and should you do one?

Zoe Langman at a hotel in Bali announcing her creative sabbatical

I’m excited to tell you that I have settled down in a location just outside Ubud in a tiny village in Bali for a while and so now I am ready to officially start my creative sabbatical. I realised that quite a few people I spoke to were not entirely sure what a creative sabbatical is, so I decided to create a bit of an overview. I’ve covered what a creative sabbatical is,  the bizarre story of how I ended

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The Beasts Heads Introduce Themselves – (XI Lust) – Part 3

You lie down on the log covered in moss. Just like a comfortable forest day bed you think. Your stomach is full of the delicious mushrooms you just ate, and you nap in an after dinner blissful lull. You open your eyes and see the beast with its 7 heads is also snoozing peacefully. Occasionally one of the heads lets out a snort. They don’t seem to notice you watching them at all. What an interesting creature you ponder.  I

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The Pirates Journey & his Million Dollar Treasure

You stand at the front of your mighty ship staring out to sea. The waves undulate calmly, the boat rocks gently and your entire crew is throwing up over the side. You are alone with only your parrot Bob for company, and pondering what to do next. You have a mission to deliver an elxir to a new country in the East, but you can’t read the map yourself and all your crew are so sick, you wonder if they

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A message from mother natures fairies on how to start entering the fairy realm

You are sat in a pavilion in the middle of a beautiful rice field. There is no one else around apart from you, and the beautiful blond angel sat in front of you. The little girl came to ask you how to connect with her fairy guides. You sit together, legs crossed, flowers spread all around and holding hands. It’s twilight and the sky is streaked with orange and pink and you see the dark outline of palm trees in

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The Enchanted Forest & the Lesson of Letting Go (XI Lust) Part 2

You are still lying in the beautiful whirlpool, deep in the middle of the enchanted forest. The lion with the 7 heads is on the bank and you are both waiting for the forest fairies to bring your backpack for your journey through the labyrinth. The backpack is to be full of courage, grit and might, you believe they said. As you move your hands through the water with grace and feel the peace of the gentle breeze you hear

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The Passion Hunter (XI Lust) Part 1

You gingerly step your barefoot on to the grass of the beautiful enormous green pasture that spreads for miles in front of you. You are naked, having just thrown off all your clothes, and you find yourself screaming into the air like a wild banshee. You are at the end. You do not know what to do anymore. It’s throw yourself off a bridge, a mountain or anything, just not to feel numb, angry, depressed and afraid anymore. Somehow you

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The Wolf of Wisdom

You sit atop a pure while carriage, moving swiftly through the snow-covered vistas and plains. Your carriage is open to the crisp winds, just as you requested today, pulled by your pack of grey wolves. Each with an eye of blue and an eye of green. Even though the carriage is roaring through the countryside you can still clearly see the giant snowflakes twisting and twirling in front of you showcasing their unique geometric patterns. Pure magic you think to

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The Wheel of Illumination

The Wheel of illumination

You stand in the middle of a salt desert. Barren land, with a pinkish and bluish hue. It’s crunchy underfoot as you walk through the salt, towards what appears to be a mirage. As you stare at the hypnotic landscape a structure begins to appear ahead of you. As you get closer you realise it’s a huge wheel. A fairground wheel. You speed up a little, intrigued by it, even though you are not a lover of these kinds of

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The Worst Start-Up in the World

Sea Monster - Las Canteras Beach - Gran Canaria - The Worst Start Up in the World

I received an email and then a call almost immediately on a Friday night at about 10 pm while I was still on sabbatical here in Bali. I have taken a year off to relax, recover from burnout in a world that I really wasn’t fitting into anymore. It has been 7 months since I had said goodbye to my last client and I was starting to wonder what I would do next. I had been experimenting with a lot of

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