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Poem About The Fictitious Dramas and Distractions We “Enjoy” At Work

Business Drama

Distraction creeps 
Distraction seeks 
To destroy 
The enemies convoy 

This bomb, that bomb 
Where has the time gone?
Have they withdrawn 
Or are we still forlorn?

What’s this mess?
So much distress 
There is no clear view
Let's just have a brew

Let’s drink Tea
Drink more tea
Perhaps it will solve the misery 
Or perhaps let escape the mystery 

Where did the time go?
Who really knows?
This issue, that issue
Wait, it’s time for another share reissue 

We can’t see the target?
Wait, what’s our bloody target?
We firefight time 
Delusions of our own minds 

Every drama calls 
Every mistake makes us feel so small 
Let’s imagine, we’re solving crime 
Dramas stealing all our time 

Can we just finish one thing?
Or is there another drama waiting in the wings?
I’m sure we love to waste time 
With the delusional priorities of our minds 

Written by Zoe LL 

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