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The Selfish Chronicles – Part 1

Selfish for being yourself 
Not staying silent on the shelf 
Selfish for thriving 
Selfish for not helping and reviving 

How can we be 
Us in this eternity ?
If it’s selfish to be our real selves ?
When we are conditioned to be helpful little elves 

Shut down 
No clowning around 
Perfectionist space 
Hands must be covered in lace 

The victorian dream 
Lives on unseen 
Through our family lines 
As if we are trapped in another time 

It’s time to live in the now 
Not beholden to some ancient vow 
Pretty in pink 
Makes the boys wink 

We live in different times
Today there are different crimes 
It’s time to let go 
New seeds we must sow 

Written by Zoe Langman 24.07.2023

A stripped floor

Stripped of Pleasure

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