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Poem About Trying To find Calm Through Material Overload

The Dress of Distress

The grab show 
What do they know?
What are they looking to find?
In the land of the kind?

The money that grows on trees 
A land where there are no dirty knees 
It’s all there 
Open and ready to share 

There’s no barrier to stop this greed 
A desire to fill the heart with material need 
Fill and fill and fill 
Look at all the animals we killed 

Where is the love?
Where are the doves?
What age are we in?
The age of material sin?

It’s an overflow 
A material rainbow 
A unicorn princess 
In one of a thousand sparkly dresses 

Is there no end in sight?
To this human plight 
Our need, and our greed 
To fill our empty hearts with this material disease 

Is there a land 
That can take us by the hand 
Hold us dear 
And calm our material fear?

Calm the quest for our salvation from distress 
The belief that it can be saved by a beautiful dress 
Where is this land?
Where we can hold a calm hand? 

Written by Zoe LL 

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