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The Scorpio’s Tail

The Scorpio's Tail 
She is no snail mail 
She lashes out 
So fast, when she has no doubt 

What stepped across her path 
What tried to dim the burning fire in her hearth 
To push her down 
Deep into her underground 

Her defence 
To defend an offence 
An aggression 
A subtle wave of oppression

Sometimes it’s just a look 
Sometimes someone literally throws a book 
Domination control 
Trying to dig you into your grave hole 

I know you wish
For everyone to find their gift 
But sometimes they refuse 
To find their inner muse 

Everyone walks their own path 
Each person's responsibility is to tender their own hearth 
Allow yourself to just be 
Don’t surrender yourself to their misery 

Stop blaming yourself 
For their inability to be themselves 
It’s not your role 
To help them to dig your grave hole 

Written by Zoe Langman 27 th July 2023 
#Scorpio # ScorpioMoon 

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