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Poetry about Self-Directed Slavery to the Energies of Fear

Slave to Fear

Are you a slave to an idea?
A fear, you hold on to so dear?
Where are you a slave ?
Where is your life concave?

It’s dive to dive right in 
Find the projected sin 
Who is the apple of your eye?
For them have you committed to die?

Suppressing yourself 
Keeping small, like a little elf 
Trapping your beauty 
For what feels like an eternity 

What’s in your way?
Where is the burning hay?
Somewhere inside
There’s a contract that resides 

It’s time to let go 
This you know 
Beneath, in the muscles so deep 
Are trapped a legion of false beliefs 

It’s time to fish them up 
Before, as volcanos, they erupt 
Set them free 
Allow yourself to feel the sensation of glee 

written by Zoe Langman 11th March 2023 

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