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Stripped of Pleasure

Stripped of pleasure 
The feeling of no permitted leisure 
Just awkward pain 
Old memories hurt the brain 

How it sometimes used to be 
Young and a little more carefree 
Time was vast 
Now time feels like a cast 

Time to be sensible 
Close down the will 
No more I fancy a bit of this or that 
I must make sure i’m wearing a hat 

Times flies by 
I do wonder why 
So very fast 
Nothing ever seems to last 

Where did this feeling come from ? 
So strong it burns my usual song 
Like i’m almost in the grave 
A slave dumped in a cave 

A slave to the fear 
Holding on tight to what I believe is dear 
Grasping on so tight 
To these believes I think are right 

Many things have already gone 
I no longer sing a youthful song 
It’s time to enter a new age 
An age, where I can embody the energy of the sage 

So much wisdom in these bones 
So many places I can call home 
The world is vast 
It’s time to let go of memories of the past 

Written by Zoe Langman July 2023 

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