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Spontaneous Poetry: Coming Home

Comming Home 

A gilded space
The raven sat watching with disgrace
The beautiful times
Clear water filled with fresh lime

The story is about to start
She's moved through many false starts
The heavens open wide
It's time for her to really reside

To be a part of this town
The one she fled due to the frowns
It's time to return
Allow the old ideas to burn

There will be a welcome soon
The more she disgrades these concepts of gloom
The Sun will shine
Creation will feel divine

People will come
She'll not be the only one
Those who wish to feel free
And hold for longer the rapture of glee

This time will arrive
She will thrive
Some will come to rest
Others will digest

Each will have their call 
Will bring these aspects to this mystical ball
Together they will dance to be free
From their aeons of caged misery

Together they'll drink wine
The wine of the divine
Euphoria will speak
They'll walk alone, but not meek

The mystical cradle will bear
The fruits of his labour they'll share 
Together they'll break bread
And create a beautiful Homestead

Zoe LL

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