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Allowing Rest

Striving for love 
Believing that in striving it will fall from above 
Penetrate through the skies 
Arrive through our desire driven eyes 

More and more and more 
As told in the family folklaw 
The work it never ends 
In this life there's, no curve in the bend 

Just straight ahead 
Work until we are dead 
It’s never enough 
Where is this feeling of love ?

At some point there’s a shipwreck 
Pain shooting through the neck 
Frozen in flight 
The body has no more energy to fight 

There’s nothing left to find 
In this society we don’t suddenly learn to be kind 
To ourselves 
Or others selves 

Pushed right down 
Through the non mindful pushing for a crown 
The feudal lines 
Is this why we can’t find our shrine ?

There’s no peace 
When we are not allowed to weep 
Let go of what’s not working 
Allow rest, without believing we are shirking 

Not beating ourselves with a stick 
But allowing ourselves to dream and wish 
Allowing rest 
Without self detest 

It’s safe to just be 
When we don’t hide behind another's tree 
Always searching for an external protector 
Who then turns into Hannibal Lecter 

Eating us up 
Drinking our energy with every cup 
Until there is nothing left 
We are bereft 

Sometimes we observe the powdery clouds 
That allow us to unburden from our depressed shroud 
A way to find space 
Feel a little of the eternal grace 

Be who we wish 
Eat from our own dish 
In this place we can build our own home 

Written by Zoe Langman in August 2023 

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