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How I got started with reading tarot cards

The Universe or world Tarot card, taken in front of the beautiful pool at Sanur, Bali at the Taksu hotel

Almost two years ago a friend read my tarot cards for me. We asked the cards, what was going to happen over the next year for me. We pulled three cards; past, present and future and those cards at the time of reading the past and present were highly accurate. When I remembered well over a year later to check back and see if there was any truth in her future tarot reading, I was shocked to see that the future card was totally correct.

This friend of mine Hayley, who I’ve known for many years is almost half my age, but very very wise. She’d been reading cards for a while, and when I called her and told her what had happened, she said to me, “ now it’s time that you get your own and start reading for yourself”.

Where I bought my Tarot cards in London

We met in Neal’s Yard last year at the beginning of November and had a lovely lunch in the infamous wholefoods restaurant there called Wildcafe. Hayley explained to me how we would seek out the tarot cards. She would take me to the various stores that stock cards and crystals in and around Covent Garden and Neal’s yard and I should take as much time as I needed looking at all the cards. She said that once I had found the ones that I identified with or spoke to me, I would know.

In case you didn’t know there are quite a few metaphysical / New Age shops in Covent Garden and around, stocking a wide range of mystical products. It’s kind of known as the spiritual centre of London and people flock there to stock up on anything from crystal balls to witches capes. I, of course, was only looking for tarot cards, but we went to literally every single one and I looked through hundreds and hundreds of packs of cards.

Depending on the stores, they have different types. Mysteries is the one with probably the biggest range. You can find tarot cards, oracle cards, angel cards as well as a wide variety of tarot cards. Anything from fairies, to goblins to the most favoured  Raider Waite. 

How I chose the tarot cards

We spent literally all afternoon looking, although I would say half of that was looking at crystals as I really love looking at those. In the last shop, I found the cards that spoke to me. The designs are very rich and beautiful, without being too fantastical. I already knew in my mind that I would be using these cards for decision making so I wanted them to have an authoritative as well as very descriptive look, that would help me read them.

And so I bought my first pack of cards and the cards that I am still using from The Astrology Shop in Covent Garden. I started pulling a card a day for a while which I found really useful. I used to ask the question “What should I be mindful of today ?” And then just choose a card. Every card that came up was relevant and so I started using them for decision making in business and in life. I would ask the cards a question, pull the card, meditate on it and more often than not a clear answer or a solution would come to me and so I would know how to move on.

How I started using tarot cards to make business decisions

The business I worked in – selling consumer electronics to retail stores, there was always a lot of issues. Never a yes or no answer and often not a right or wrong. There was a lot of trying to find the right angle to get what you needed with clients and not annoy the retailers in the process. It was like walking a tightrope most days, but I found pulling cards along with the meditation, which helps you to free your mind from the “noise” began to help me with looking at the problems from different angles. I really wish I found this solution earlier, as it helped to quell the panic that I used to get when things would go wrong (which happens a lot in the world of selling to retail. It’s difficult and can be a nasty business)

When did I start reading for other people?

Even though I had only got the cards in November 2017, by the beginning of December 2017, I had started reading for friends and then at Christmas, I began reading for family. I was just as surprised as they when the card readings came out so highly accurate. So much so that a couple of the members of my family called me after the readings and asked me if I made it up? I told them, that I don’t know all the meanings of the cards and how they intertwine with each other yet ( that takes a long time) so I use various sources online to get the meanings and then pull together my own concept from that.

Where I get the tarot information from to do the readings

In the case of my family, I just read the card readings straight from Biddy Tarot, as I knew they would accuse me of making it up! The readings were so spot on and true, that I don’t think that they thought it was even possible that the cards could be so accurate. Plus of course, the readings from Biddy Tarot are written in the style that I would deliver them in ( if I knew as much as she). She’s intertwines business & tarot and so out of all the readers online, I have the most affinity with her. The other sites that I most often use are AngelPaths and Corax,   but there are heaps of books, as well as loads of other online resources. I am still practising every day and am trying to learn the cards off by heart so that I can finally give readings impromptu, without having to study the cards, research online, and take a lot of time to come up with my reading.

How I even did tarot readings via facetime! 

Another great friend of mine let me practice with her too for months. We used to do card readings via face time every night for ages and that really helped me practice. I’d lay the cards and then hover over them until she said stop. It was surprisingly effective.

One evening in around Feb time, she suggested to me that I start reading Tarot for the people that follow The Tigers Journey. I thought it was a marvellous idea and in the back of my mind I’d already secretly wanted to do something like that, but being that I’m such a newbie reader, I wasn’t sure I should even put myself out there. I thought about it for a long time, months even wondering how I should do it and putting it off basically. Fear of being thought a fraud or an impostor of course. I asked how I should do it on one of the facebook groups for Tarot and they told me to prepare myself for pulling a card for the group mentally and then just pull the cards.

How I used the Tarot cards to confirm a major life decision

On April the 8th I made a huge life decision to put my company on pause and take a sabbatical. That day I pulled a tarot card to find out if I’d made the right decision. I pulled the Universe card, which means that I had come to the end of a long-term project and had accomplished my dream or purpose. (All true). It made me stronger and wiser than I was before, but now it’s time to move on and do something that makes an impact and be where I truly fit. I may also be looking at something where I can give back or help people. As you can see from the card it also indicates travel, particularly on a large scale.(Again all completely true).

That day buoyed with courage after basically declaring my freedom from work for a while, I decided that I would offer a daily tarot reading to the followers of my Instagram profile. Through using the cards, I’ve been able to look at things in new ways, and pull a lot more out of my subconscious than perhaps just meditating alone. They also really helped me to start making decisions not just based on my analytical mind, but also more from the heart. So I began pulling a daily reading on Instagram for anyone that resonated with The Tigers Journey. I did this for a month and I was happy to get messages from a few people saying that they felt like I was writing for them and my readings were really helpful.

Why I have decided to start doing weekly readings on tarot for self-belief

The greatest gift that you can give yourself is the gift of self-love, self-esteem, courage and confidence. If you have those life skills and beliefs then life becomes so much more open and joyous and you begin to make decisions through love and not fear. Having these intrinsic beliefs as a base can lead you to do or create things that you really want in life, not just doing what is expected of you by society or your family. Making decisions for yourself, being confident in them, taking responsibly for your life and not looking for approval outside will improve life for all of us significantly.

I know deep down that the more competent I become at these beliefs and skills and really feel them, not just read about them in women’s magazines and self-help books, the bigger my life will become, and the bigger yours will too!

On that note, I decided to create a weekly tarot reading instead of the daily Instagram, that I will publish on this site on these topics. It will not only be a weekly tarot reading, but it will also contain exercises, actions, and maybe even a few visualizations, meditations and rituals thrown in for good measure.

I’ll send these out every week via my newsletter, so make sure you sign up to receive them.

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  • This is pretty inspiring to learn that anyone can start a successful tarot card reading at any point in their career. Tarot card reading is becoming very popular these days due to the accurate results. Thank you for the helpful post.

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