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The Haunting of the Mothman

Moth on a surreal blue background

He's haunting you

The hidden keeper of the light

You cannot run

He has the power of flight

He'll catch you before you know it

Expose your skills

& fear blocking your will

Keep moving and he'll keep chasing

That fear that resides within you

The one that bubbles up at night

That’s your past talking

Pulling you out of plain sight

You can’t escape the Mothman

He sees in the dark but is guided by the light

He'll haunt you and hunt you down forever

Until you expose your secret untold light

Written December 2018, Bali by Zoe Langman


How to work with this Poem: The Haunting of the Mothman

There are many ways to work with poems. You can read it over and over again and see what comes up. You can read it and then meditate on the core message and see what comes up for you in silence or you can read it before you go to bed and see what comes up in your dreams. Below are a list of questions and action points to help you work with the poem to dive a little deeper.


  1. Can you consider what you might be keeping a secret from yourself and the people around you?
  2. What gifts have you been born with or developed, that we may be too afraid to show in the culture, environment, or situation that we are living and working in?
  3. What comes easily to you, that others may be jealous of ?


  1. Are you brave enough to share your gift?
  2. Are you brave enough to share your gift in the comments below?
  3. Are you brave enough to take an action to show your gift to the world?

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