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A Poem about the Collective Energies of Guilt

The Silt of Guilt

These are difficult times 
It may feel hard to reach the divine 
There’s war and little peace 
Perhaps we stare hopelessly at our feet 

Why are we here?
Why is there so much unclear?
There’s mass confusion 
Feelings of exclusion 

It’s not an individual thing 
This powerful din 
So many offensive sounds
Which abound 

Remember we are not alone 
Perhaps we feel like we need to atone 
We’ve lived many lives 
For many things we cry, and don’t know why 

When we offer our pain 
We can feel less insane 
Breathe in fresh air 
Permit ourselves to self-care 

The guilt 
It weighs like heavy silt 
It doesn’t create wealth 
Or fortify our health 

When we feel into this fear 
We can realise the power of the forboding steer 
Each time we are a little more free 
Perhaps we can permit ourselves to live more joyously 

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