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Poem: The Tension of the Expectation

The Tension of the Expectation

The tension 
Of the expectation 
It feels like it fills the skies 
Are they lies?

Where is the tension?
Where is the expectation? 
Where does it sit 
Why do I feel like I'm going to be hit? 

Tears flow 
I don’t let anyone know 
I try to keep up the mystery 
Inside is trapped misery 

Birds fly through the air 
As if they have no cares
I imagine myself fly 
I feel myself reach the sky 

The air is clear here 
I flow with the current like a seer 
I hear the whispers in the winds 
I let go of the projected sins 

I feel clear 
I can hold my heart so dear 
I imagine swimming like a fish 
I dive into my deepest wish 

I can breathe 
No more does my heart seeth 
I allow the pain to go 
This feeling of love, I now know 

Written by Zoe, 10th March 2023 

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