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The Ocean Bride

When failure finds you 
Do you lose yourself in a new view ?
Or do you drown yourself in the deep blue 
Unable to find yourself anew 

Are you so deep in the sea 
Is it so dark, you can’t even see your knees 
Is there no air 
No one to care 

Is the water so cold ?
Do you shiver, in an attempt to feel bold ?
Are you floating deeper and deeper down ?
So deep there is no sound 

It’s a dark dark place 
You float down so fast, like you are competing in a race 
The need to hit the bottom 
To begin letting go of what is rotten 

Finally you hit the seafloor 
Soft and sandy, just like tales told in folk law 
You stretch your arms out wide 
Over your body an octopus glides 

He gentle nibbles your hand 
So you understand 
He’s cleaning you up 
Eating the poison from your cup 

You rest in peace 
You let go, with a sighing release 
More fish appear 
That devour the pain, you hold so dear 

The shark arrives 
He offers you to glide 
Through the waters so deep 
So you can stream tears and weap 

The ocean will save you if you call 
Allow the sea creatures to enthral
Dive with them into the deep 
You never know who you may meet 

Allow yourself to be an ocean bride 
And on the waves you will glide 
Allow yourself to breathe 
And the ocean will allow you to fully grieve

Written by Zoe Langman July 2023 

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