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Releasing the Fear

It’s time to let go 
Stand by the river, allowing her to know 
What you wish to leave 
In her waters, while you are sunk to your knees 

The time has come 
No longer do you desire to run 
From the overlapping threads
No longer do you wish for them to spread 

So many cycles 
You seem determined to recycle 
Keeping you trapped in a cave 
Which is no longer a peaceful enclave 

Summon the water 
Like it’s your mystical daughter 
Give to her what no longer serves 
Whatver holds you to these everlasting cyclic curves 

Cycles are vital 
Until they become tidal 
When their powers are too strong 
It’s time to let them go with a song 

Sing to the river 
Until you feel warm, where you shivered 
Watch the waters run clear 
Release the fear 

Written by Zoe Langman 28th August 2023 

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