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Creative Rebirth

“Nobody is interested in your ideas”
A believed truth, perhaps it sears 
Like a burned fish 
Who lost their last wish 

No more do they swim in the ocean wide 
No more on waves will they glide 
Instead they are seared 
Burned by their own imaginary ideas 

Lost is the desire to swim 
Burned into their body like a sin 
Stolen Freedom 
In the belly of another's Kingdom 

No more to they swim in a school
Instead their bones decay in a deep stagnant pool 
The earth will re-cycle 
And this fish can begin a new cycle 

They will be born again 
Perhaps as a hen 
Maybe as a wren 
Or maybe this time a Lion, who is waiting for the Fisherman in his Den 

written by Zoe Langman August 2023 

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