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The Imaginary Farmers Wife

Do you dominate your pleasure ?
Not allowing it to find leisure 
To do list overload 
Overwhelmed on the sensory road 

Pleasure forbidden 
There’s horses that must get ridden 
Cows to be milked 
And the silk ? 

A never ending list of tasks 
Travelling around the brain like an infectious blast 
The guilt 
There’s never enough milk 

So much to do 
Drowning in the dark blue 
Too much optimism 
Too many isms 

Is this an untold myth ?
Not allowing ourselves to be alive and fit ?
We must toil in our imaginary fields 
Forever trying to force the potatoes to yield 

There’s never enough time 
No time to rest the mind 
An imaginary farmers wife 
Forever feeding on an overload of strife 

Written by Zoe Langman August 2023 

A stripped floor

Stripped of Pleasure

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