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Dopamine Dreams

The excitement of the new 
Sometimes dreams can come true 
Perceptions fly by 
So intense, like being showered by all the stars in the sky 

One look 
Throw out the book 
This time there’s hope 
We let go of the safety rope 

Floating through space 
Fresh air on the face 
The glimpse of the new 
For what feels like a completely new view

The feeling of novelty 
Propels us from emotional poverty 
Dopamine dreams 
There’s always a theme 

The feeling of falling in love 
With that place up above 
The sublime 
We hear through the subtile windchime 

The world is more intense 
We let go of our defence 
Open to the skies  
We see beauty through our eyes 

Each time we hit this intense trigger 
Our worlds appear much bigger 
Momentary bliss 
A feeling propelled by a sacred wish 

written by Zoe Langman 19th August 2023 
A stripped floor

Stripped of Pleasure

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