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Drunken Daze

Clouds forming patterns in the sky 
Sometimes we don’t know why 
Shaped like hearts 
Shaped like darts 

So many cloudy eyes 
From the actions in the sky 
Eclipsing the sun 
From the dark we run 

Skies of deep blue 
From beautiful times we once knew 
Beautiful sunny drunken days
That swept by in a haze 

Never fully appreciated 
Memories deleted 
Never mindful of the beautiful time 
Is this a crime ?

Not appreciating the beauty in the sun 
Time so fast, like we are always on the run 
Speeding up the bliss 
So rapid, so much we miss 

Can we appreciate each moment now 
Like we are receiving a sacred vow ?
So much time 
Lost in the mysteries of wine 

Time that will never return 
Time that was burned 
Deleted moments 
Time to atone them 

Written by Zoe Langman August 2023 
A stripped floor

Stripped of Pleasure

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